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Artemis Fowl

November 13, 2007
By Anonymous

Artemis Fowl

By: Eoin Colfer

Mystery fiction

Set in a different world Artemis Fowl tells when Artemis finds out his power. Artemis goes to a tournament to win a prize. So round one he fights a goblet and Artemis beats him. So the goblet is trying to get Artemis back because he beat him in the first round.

The main character has a magic and one of the best. His powers are to transfer into anyone or anything. Main character is emotions because he saves his sister from the goblet. Also he gives people things that they can't buy or get. He says “hurry up and use your power to finish that monster.” He kills the goblet by the help of his friend. Also in the book it talks about a lot of action going on. It's like if you're in the book being the main character and controlling every thing that he has like his power. He's partner is really smart he knows what to do at the right time. He also risked his life to help the main character save his sister. The main character's partner has one of the best powers there, is he can do anything that has to do with fire. He can throw it, flame up there enemies, also just use it. But the Main character and his partner lost in the tournament but they were happy of what they got.

Artemis Fowl is almost the same thing as Harry Potter's series. They both can do magic and save people. Artemis Fowl is a good book because it has an exciting plot. Also it is different from other books. Fans of Harry Potter books would like to read Artemis Fowl because they're just a like, but with different characters and different problems. It's also a good book because you just want to finish the book right away.

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