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Articles from this issue

College Guide

By Anonymous OH

My mom tells me, "Go walk the dog." So I grab the leash from its hook by the door and a plastic bag from the cabinet, and yell through the house, "Addie! C'mon girl!"...


By Maddiesg Needham, MA

Shoes can tell you a lot about a person. Winston was a firm believer in this, being someone who looked at many shoes himself...

Hot Topics

By Sauntering_expressions New Delhi, India

Men are stronger than women. Men can't be raped. Only women are raped. Unfortunately, these are common beliefs in my culture. People are finally acknowledging the seriousness of female rape, but what about male rape?...


By ShelbyGrey Ashland, KY

There are no laws on gravel roads, and I fell in love without a seat belt. So it was no surprise that I ended up through a windshield, swallowing bits and pieces of rocks and my pride...


By Anonymous AZ

A breath. In, out. The wind howls as it rips through the open windows, your wild hair dancing as it crowns your head. The wheels roar against the blackened asphalt as you gun the gas pedal...


By EGB04 Northampton, MA

Ant Farm and Other Desperate Situations by Simon Rich is a book of short, comedic vignettes about the funny and weird absurdities of modern day life, all of them about two pages or less...

Art / Photo

By camillaliu Irvine, CA


By BriaL Oshkosh, WI

I want to talk about sixteen. / How at this age, / naive teenagers receive keys to machines / that end 1.3 million lives every year...
  • ART MAG By Anonymous AK