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it didn't matter much, anyway

July 28, 2016
By theskylarksings GOLD, Columbia, Kentucky
theskylarksings GOLD, Columbia, Kentucky
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we used to sing
dropping careless notes like hankies
the tune scattered across the whole house
in swirling trails

there was laughter then
and there is laughter now
but it will never be the bubbles
that used to well in my chest like tears

the furniture would dust itself
meals appeared from thin air
we sneezed a lot
and we ate a lot of crackers

the crumbs would collect in the corners
but i couldn't see
past the stars in my eyes to notice
it didn't matter much, anyway

we used to dance
do you remember?
sometimes in bare feet
sometimes in sock feet
i'm not sure which was more naive
the exposed, rosy skin of a child
or the thin layer of cloth meant to protect it

sometimes i hear you
but i never sing back
there are no more trails to follow

and the birds have taken the crumbs

You know, they were meant for you. 

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