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The devil in disguise

April 16, 2013
By -Ash- SILVER, Redmond, Washington
-Ash- SILVER, Redmond, Washington
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She wants to die. She wants to disappear, to be remembered no more. She wants so terribly to be forgotten, all her mistakes, all her failures, everything. Her name to be wiped free from all record of existence. Because is it really existing when you’ve got nothing to show for your life?

I was waiting on an angel
And then he appeared
My perfect one,
He swept me off my feet.

Maybe I had it coming,
The lies and falsehoods he said
He came to me like an angel
But he left a trail of destruction.

'Cause somewhere along the way
There was a mistake made,
He was no angel
More like the devil in disguise.

We left casualties along the way,
Me and my devil.
He came to me oh so sweet,
And swept me away with him.

Now me and the devil,
He spun my head around
Made me believe his tales
And now what can I do.

Trapped with devil in disguise
All alone, just me and my devil.

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