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Puppy Love

May 26, 2009
By Kayla Garbison SILVER, Goodyear, Arizona
Kayla Garbison SILVER, Goodyear, Arizona
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Everyday I arrive home from school my kitten, Bon Bon, greets me at the door

step. I don’t know what I’d do without him or worst; what he would do without me. Bon

Bon was deserted by his family and found starving among an empty cottage yard. The

Arizona Humane Society scooped him up out of suffering and found him a excellent

home (with me)! Anyone seeking a one-in-a-million friend should look no farther than

their neighborhood humane society. Save an animal, and find yourself a furry (or

feathered) friend. Helping an animal in need is something to be proud of, even if

bringing home the pet of your dreams hardly feels like charity. I have never understood

the joy in spending hundreds of dollars for a purebred puppy. What’s so special? No

matter if the canine originates from the highest of pedigrees or it’s a scroungy mutt, the

dog is still man’s best friend!

Between three and four MILLION dogs and cats are euthanized with each coming

year (Humane Society). Why is this happening? A little bird told me the prevention is

simple. Shelters can only accommodate a certain number of pets before they are forced to

put the un-adopted animals to sleep (Humane Society). This occurrence can be

dramatically reduced if more people adopt their new found friends rather than buy them.

In the end you would be saving the lives of two wonderful animals; the one you take

home and a homeless stray who can be rescued because of the space you freed up! So even if you’re not a man, I heard felines are a women’s best friend.

If the sheer pleasure in giving back to a pet in need isn’t enough to persuade you,

how’s this; humane societies guarantee a healthy, high spirit pet with all the fixings.

They receive complimentary vaccinations, a spay and neuter treatment, and a heart to

heart analysis to determine its behaviors and personality (Humane Society). So in your

quest to find the “purr-fect” partner, we will already know if the animal is suitable for

you. Some people stray away from rescue groups and shelters because they are unsure of

the animal’s past. Animal lovers believe sheltered pets are donated to facilities because

they did something “wrong”. Yet many times it’s the owners fault, for reasons such as

not taking proper care of the animal, or maybe a long distance move. Most frequently

your bark is worst than their bite.

Something worst than a cat scratch (or your bark) is the growing number of puppy

mills in the United States that care more about profit than the welfare of the dogs they

breed (Humane Society). The conditions of these facilities are shockingly dreadful.

Unlike the Humane Society, the puppy parents are stored in tiny cages and given little

medical care, and little hope of ever joining a family(Humane Society). They see no

companionship and are fed meagerly, yet bred over and over for years (Humane Society).

These poor pups never see the love of a friend, and it is the consumers fault. By

purchasing a dog from certain newspaper ads, pet stores, or over the internet you could be

supporting puppy mills with the money you spend. As a result of adopting oppose to

buying a pet, you can be sure you are not sustaining this cruel industry!

With all this talk of animal cruelty it would do you some good to have a

companion around. Pets have a way of putting a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Not only do animals give you unconditional love, but they have been shown to be

psychologically, emotionally, and physically beneficial (Humane Society). Caring for a

furry friend prevents loneliness and gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Doctors, such as my father’s, suggest playing, walking, and grooming their animal for

increased exercise, and to lower blood pressure! To put it simply, pets make life better;

they are cute, cuddly, and cures for many ailments. Everyone needs to find puppy love,

and what better place than the Humane Society?

Saving one animal from a shelter can save many more, all the animals need is

your help. Don’t buy from over priced pet stores, rescue a healthy pet for hundreds less at

your local animal shelter. You don’t want your animals to fight like cats and dogs, so

professionals at the adoption center find the ideal buddy for your family. If things do

not work out, the animal is welcome back anytime…for FREE! So next time your in

search of a new pet, check out the Humane Society in your community and tell those

underground puppy dealers we will “see you later alligator”!

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