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young people in need of encouragement.

November 6, 2008
By Anonymous

In today's society there is alot of violence, have you ever notice who was cauing all the violence. When you turn on your televison you hear that it's a 16 year old.These situations starts in the home if a child see a parent drink or smokes more than likely they will it's time to start setting an example and being a good parent.However there is a share of parents who try they very best to bring they child/children up right.

A couple months ago a young 16 year old boy was stabb on cabbage beach nassau bahamas resulting to teen violence. He was trying to stop a fight and died on the scene. Can you imagine that? He was his mother's only child there is no nice way to tell someone's parent they child has been murder.
people robbed for a number of reasons weather it's a bad drug habit or they in depth or need to pay of someone or has a family to fee. Teens are robbing to maybe it's because they dont have a job they probably drop of school cause teachers telling them they aint gone never amount to anything or be something in life so it downs them and they probably say well she/he says am nothing why waste my time here.Because they drop out of school they cant get a good job.We need to stop downing our teens and encourage children to score high as the starts, to strive for excellence because they are our future.Obama is the first black president it should be some movitation there now that tells every person I cant do anything nothings impossible.
Why do teens abuse drugs? Maybe it's Peer pressure teen drink cause they friends drink and cause they wants to be in with the crowd, or doesnt wants to be picked on or look at as being soft, a punk, or a whimp.Alchol is being serve to teens under the age of 18.Teens have fake id these people should be arrested and ashamed of they self because they should be creating a life for them make it better not destroy it.
Every year all over the world there is approximately 17 million girls are raped, wether it's forced or they are being sold into it prostitution or even arrange in marriages to older men it's still rape, once you say NO it's rape.Why do guys find a name to rape young ladies think of it has if it was your sister or mother you wouldn't want it happen to them so why do it to other people.More than 14 million of these girls are under age teenagers we have to potect our daughters.
We should come together as once to help our children no body wants to get a call ya childs dead or in the hospital let them no violence isn't the key sit down and talk with them peer pressure plays a major role in this u should let ya child no that no one could make them do nothin they doesnt want to weather it's drugs,alchol,sex,fighting,robbing,or even murder to report these matters to someone of a higher authority.Education is the key to sucess and sucess comes out of hard work because the teens/children are our future so lets help love and encourage them they best way we can.

The author's comments:
i wrote this article because couple days ago in the bahamas 2 young girls was caught with a loaded gun and were charged and these two young ladies was in jr high school. alot of people who is dien are the young people and ova foolishness also i want to be a writter am workin on my creative skills and tryin my best to make it big like mya angelou . i hope u really like it, it took me about 6 mins to write it so enjoy and comment and tell me what u think kk oh year and a 7th grade student got a 6th grade student pregnant in the bahamas it's so crzy over here.

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