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A Day to Remember

January 30, 2009
By Stephanie Rioux SILVER, Scottsdale, Arizona
Stephanie Rioux SILVER, Scottsdale, Arizona
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Bodies flood the streets, rowdily pushing and shoving their way through the crowd. White buildings surround the scene, separated by a bed of water that stretches out behind us in a majestic fashion. It is only days before the two-hundredth birthday of our great president, Abraham Lincoln, and the Liberty Bell chimes loudly in our ears. Thousands upon thousands of Americans have gathered at the heart of the USA to celebrate a day full of patriotism and pride. American flags wave above the heads of many, voices chant the words of our Founding Fathers and The United States Marine Band sounds. This is a day to be remembered, an event to go down in history and a occasion that many Americans have dreamt of for hundreds of years.

The mass of people fall silent as the proceedings begin. Speakers mount the balcony that sits stories above us, impossible to see without the aide of enormous televisions that magnify the events. The Vice President is sworn in first. His oath stated, the crowd seems to hold its breath. A brief classical tune concludes with a strong chord, as if indicating that the moment has come. The moment we are all here for is only seconds away, lingering before us as if taunting our impatience. The Chief Justice takes his place and the President-elect emerges, wife and daughters by his side. Barack Obama places his hand on the ancient bible used at the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln and begins his oath.

When the oath is said and done, President Barack Obama speaks to not only the immense crowd before him, but also millions of Americans across the country watching from their homes. His promises echo through the National Mall, bringing hope to the country. We all have hope that our President will keep these promises and improve the environment, the economy and the education system. We all want to have confidence that President Barack Obama will do what is right for America; in The War in Iraq, in battling terrorists who threaten our safety and in helping other countries in poverty and danger. He addresses these concerns in his speech, soothing worrisome minds and giving faith to those Americans who are doubting their country?s magnificence.
Americans look on as our forty-fourth President concludes his Inaugural Address, confidence in his expression, an unwavering voice booming. Right before the eyes of the crowd surrounding me, the world has changed. People all over the world celebrate as the National Anthem rings out dignifiedly, adding a soundtrack to the prideful scene before me. No matter the race, gender, political party or general opinion, we all, as Americans, are joined together on this day by an occasion so great that the world as we know it will be altered forever. As I stand on the hard cement street, slightly shivering from the cold breeze that crosses my face, I know that I have just experienced a day that will be remembered forever.

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