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Eve-The beginning

April 28, 2015
By Jasmine.C, Enid, Oklahoma
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Jasmine.C, Enid, Oklahoma
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If there's a book you have not read yet, Then YOU must write it.-Thomas Moorsin

Author's note:

It all started with my freinds mother and I writing back and forth discussing all my feelings. As long lost vampire freinds....It turned into something much more. This is my first real book...

   First day of 12th grade and I never dreaded a walk to the bus stop in my neighborhood then I do today. What I thought was going to be the best year ever has taken a turn for the worse and may be the most awkward year ever. I’m too uncertain about everything whether to be scared or excited. I’m still in the middle of trying to decide if i’m a victim or the coolest thing ever! I just got my body right with the universe meaning I got everything where it should be , and how i'm almost 18 and a freak! Hoping no one will notice i’m no longer the cute social butterfly I plug in my headphones and walk alone in my nicely found cocoon. I’m last to arrive,not for a fashionable reason but just so I don’t have to talk to anyone. Of course it wouldn’t be the same bus stop without Quentin the bus weirdo surprisingly he doesn’t seem so weird to me which in itself is weird. Everyone is here Jessie my childhood best friend,Michael the guy who always dates my bestie,And Chelsie the rich girl who would probably be driving a brand new car her daddy bought her illegally. Who is he? Why is he staring at me? Most importantly why am I staring at him? The bus in right on time. I went straight in the back,passing my bestie which you could tell she was burning an OH REALLY?!! in my side. I positioned my self into the most unwelcoming pose. I didn't feel like talking about it,what could I say it was the wrong place and the wrong time to let my parents know my secret. I stare out the window and thought When will it ever be a good time to tell anyone what happened to me……  

It’s a long story, I’m still wondering who was that? Why was he staring at me? Finally we were  at school,I pull my schedule out of my bag,first algebra “Great algebra”,gosh I hate math it’s so boring! Jessie was looking at me, I smiled at her she didn’t smile back. Great just great. “This is going to be the best day ever” I mumbled sarcastically. I went inside the school and found my tiny classroom “ALGEBRA” the sign on the door said. I went inside the tiny classroom not many faces I know, hey theres the boy on the bus. “Excuse me?” the teacher said “yes?” “here” he hands me a spiral notebook. I sit next to the boy that was on the bus. I wonder what his name is? “Now class please open your textbook and do problems 1-10 on page 350” the teacher says which interrupted my thought. “oh great work on the first day of school”I say under my breath. Something catches my eye a perfectly folded piece of paper. It wasn’t there before where did it come from? I open the letter. It says “hi I’m Luke” I looked around the boy next to me smiled... Oh he must’ve game me the note,his name is Luke. I smiled at him he smile back I wrote”hi I’m Eve” I hand him the note the bell rings. DING!!!DING!!!DING!!!!! I get up and grab my bag,head out the door. I looked for my 2nd hour class. Jessie’s in my class at least I will know someone there. I found room 307 I walk in and sit in the far back corner of the classroom. I don’t pay attention to the teacher until the bell rings which means time for class to begin. I hear the chatter of my classmates “OMG did you see Chelsie’s shoes I heard they cost 100$”. Wow, this is going to be boring. Then, I see Luke he smiled at me.   I smiled back. “Hi” he said his voice sounding calm and relaxed. “Hi” I said back.

“Class,class quiet down” the teacher interrupted                                 I pay attention to her. “Class I have an assignment for you your partner will be who you interview” she calls out the names “Michael & Jessie” “sweet” I heard Michael say from across the room. “Eve & Luke” “well at least I know him” I said low enough for no one to hear, but he smiles at me“This will be epic” he says “I know.” The bell rings, Luke comes over to my desk “Eve maybe …..We could go out some time like at the Pizza place?” It takes a little while to respond. Is he asking me out on a date? “If you don’t w-“ I interrupt him “of course I want to go.” “Cool, here” he writes down his phone number “Thanks” he leaves.I got asked out on a date!! I leave the classroom, the bell rings ugh I’m late for third hour oh well,its science. I got to my science room “Your late have a seat” my teacher says I sat next to Jessie. I gave her a little wave “whatever” she said and whipped her hair at me “fine” I said angrily. I did my work and the bell rang time for lunch I skip out hmm Luke’s out here. “Hey” he said “hi” “what’s up?” “nothin much” “how come you're not at lunch?” “guess I’m not hungry” “me too.” We talk for the rest of lunch and hang out “hey I never asked you” “what?” I said “Can I have your phone number” he said trying to act cool I wrote down my phone number “here” I said as I handed him my number. “thanks” he said and put it in his pocket “ hey i’ll call you after school” “k”. I went and sat under the tree.  He followed, “What class do you have after lunch?” he asked me “Speech & Drama” “Oh I have band” “What instrument do you play?”  Before he answered we had to go inside.“Bye” I said sounding dull.                                                                  
I left for my class I checked what room it was 309. I quickly found the class.With a sigh of relief I entered the classroom.        
“Hello class, I’m Mr. green” I quickly found a seat in the back of the class. It has my name on it cool. “Class,can anyone tell me why they joined speech & drama” he asked everyone raise their hands except for me . So of course he picked me “you in the back  Eve? Can you tell me why you joined speech & Drama?”  he said to me. Everyone was  looking at. “Ummm…. cause i thinks its fun to do plays?”I said trying to sound hopeful. “ok” he said.”Now, does anyone else have an answer?” I didn't like the feeling of being the center of attention. The bell rang for 5th hour,reading. All I did was read until the bell rang. 6th hour was P.E.  “Hello class, I am Mrs. Alexander your gym coach you call me coach Alex understand?” “Yes coach!” we said in unison. “Now i’m going to give you a group and that will be your partners for the rest of this semester” “Eve,Zack,& Allison you guys will be doing jump rope” “ok” the girl with long black hair and a skinny body with blue eyes said. She must be Allison “Michael,Ruby, and Isabel” “You guys will do hula hoops” “Cool” someone said. He called the rest of the names as I swung the jump rope around so Allison could jump. The bell rang, I grabbed my bag and looked at my schedule 7th hour Geography I hurried to my classroom. I opened the door and went to the back of the room. “Hello I’m Mr. Robert,today we won’t do any work you will be able to talk and get to know each other”  “Starting now go ahead but no yelling” I didn’t talk much i just want the day to end.I really want to go home not that it has been the worst day.  Hi I’m Asher” a boy said to me he had blond hair with red tips at the end and three scar that looked like claw slashes going across his eyes  “Hi I’m Eve” I said to him “nice to meet you,Eve” he said. “how are you?” I said “good, it’s boring in here” “Tell me about it”.                                 
The bell rang I grabbed my stuff. The bus wasn’t as crowded as I expected it to be. I sat down in the back, I saw a book on the cover “V.A.T” I opened it I flipped the pages woah! Its Quentin. He was a vampire. I keep turning the pages more and more vampires! I stopped on a page it was torn out hmm i didn’t think much of it. It was close to the end i read it “Eve Taylor if you have found this and are reading this now you have found this manual you will soon start training for the V.A.T. you will train with the most smartest,strongest,bravest,and courages vampires” What!? Why me?! I don’t want to do some dumb training!! Before I knew it  was at my stop. I walked home four kids filled the living room  “Hi dork” my annoying little brother Nick said. “Jerk” I said “Put on a shirt,nobody wants to see that” I told him as he went to grab a gray tanktop. “Whatever” he rolled his eyes. “RING RING RING!!!!!!” the phone rang I grabbed it. “Hello?” “Hey” a voice answered “Luke?” “yep” Luke said “Hey meet me at the pizza place” he said “sure w-” before I could finish my sentence he hung up. I went into the kitchen “hey, mom can I go to the pizza place a few blocks away?” I asked her “Sure,but be back at eight.” “Ok, thanks” I hurried to the door before my brother could say a rude remark.  I walked to the pizza place. Luke was already here. “Hey” he said “what do you want to drink?” “uhh…..sprite?” “ One sprite please.”he said to the man behind the counter. “hey can you find us a place to sit?” “sure” I found a booth in a corner. He sat down and handed me my drink“ Hey,look” I said and showed him the V.A.T book. His face turned paler than before. “W- W- Were did you get that?” “I found it on the bus” I said. “Never mind” he said “Hey, this is fun just the two of us hanging out” he said trying to change the subject.
“yeah” what I really was wanting to ask was why he didn’t like the book. “Wanna go on a walk?”he asked. “Sure” I agreed. We went to the park a few streets away. “Can I tell you something?” he asked “sure” “....Do you like me?” he asked. This came out as a rush,of course I like him its obvious shouldn’t he know? It took me a little while to answer.”Yeah” I said “well I like you to” he said. But how could he like me we barely just met in fact we just met this morning! “sooo” he said interrupting my thought. “Sooo” I said “Maybe we could go out” he said “Uhh i'll have to think about that” I said “ I need to go said “Okay i’ll c-” before he finished what he was about to say I Left and walked home. “Hey sis” my brother said “hi” I said and walked to my room and fell asleep. “DING DING DING!!!!!!” I woke up to the dumb alarm clock”ughhhhhhh” I got up and brushed my teeth, and grabbed a Low-cut gray t-shirt and black skinny jeans. I hurried and grabbed my brush and headed down stairs. “Hey sis i’m going to your bus stop today” “cool how exciting my dweebish brother going to my bus stop” I said with annoyance clear in my voice. He ignored it “Eve what happened to your eyes?” he asked “what are you talking about?” I asked “Go look in the b-” before he finishes his sentence I rushed to the bathroom” my eyes were glowing glowing!!! A bright red “ ugh, I can’t go to school like this” I hurried and grabbed a pair of sunglasses and headed out the door. I Walk to the bus stop,and of course everyones here and jessie is glaring at me which of course she didn't  look happy.The bus arrived early that was the weirdest out of all things right now. I stepped onto the bus and found luke sitting down he waved at me to come sit next to him. I sat next to him, “Hi, how was your morning?” he asked                   

“Good how was yours?” “Not much better” he said. “This sucks” he said “ why?” I asked him, I was completely clueless about what he was talking about. “Never mind” he said “Did you think about what I asked you last night” he said “Yeah” I said “So is is a yeah that you’ll date me? or a yeah that you thought about it?” he asked with hope in his voice. “ It’s a yes that I thought about it” I said “Oh, Did you decide?” he said “No I didn’t” I said. “How come you didn’t like the book?” I asked changing the subject. “I don’t know”he said like it explained everything.  “Hey how come you're wearing sunglasses?” he asked changing the subject. “Just because” I said, I haven’t even thought about telling him i’m a vampire. He reached to pull my sunglasses of my face but it was too late he had them off my face. “What the he-” he said. “Eve,you need to hunt!” he said frantically. what?how?how does he even know about vampires! It all makes sense,how he hears something so low not even a human would ever be able to hear how he responds to it . He’s a vampire!“You! You're a vampire!” I said. “yeah so are you” he said. I hissed at him, “don’t hiss at me” he said “you're a vampire” I said calmly.  “Yeah ,hey why don’t we go hunt?” he asked.”sure,but are we going to skip school?” I asked. “No,we are going to show up at school all fanging and eat are teachers” he said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes ignoring his sarcastic remark. “So how are we going to ditch?” I asked. “Just follow my league”he said.The bus stopped at our school. “Come on” he grabbed my hand and ran to the miles of trees just behind the school. I sniffed, “mmm do you smell that?” I ask. “Yep.” he said and ran at my vampire speed and sprung at the deer. I  did the same and did some more, just to make sure.“Ready to go?” I asked.   
“Sure i’m done” he said wiping the blood off of his face. He looked cute doing this. What? We hurried to school it was second hour. “Damn were late” luke said “I know”. “Ms.Taylor your late have a seat” my teacher said I passed Jessie she gave me a dirty look. “Ah, what a pleasant surprise Mr. Williams nice to see you could make it to class” the teacher said to luke. He sat next to me. “Class get working on your class project” the teacher told us. “Eve whens your birthday?” luke asked me “June 18th, 1998” I said. “cool, I’m done” he said proudly.“This assignment was a piece of cake” he muttered. “Class if you're done with your assignments turn them in at the end of class” the teacher said .“Hey Eve, do you like your friend jessie?” luke asked. Where did this come from? “I guess, but she is mad at me” I said. “Oh well that makes sense” he said. I looked over at jessie she was smiling,but not at me she was smiling at luke! Ha! she doesn’t stand a chance with him. She was coming over and stopped in front of luke. “Hey your Luke right?” she asked luke “yeah I am” he said. “Do you have a girlfriend?” she asked him “we-” before he finished was he was going to say  I  grabbed his hand “sorry he does” I said to her,coldly. “oh well tell me if it doesn’t work out” she said and walked away. I let go of luke’s hand. “hey, what was all that about?” luke asked. “Because” I said ,then he grabbed my hand. “why are you holding my hand?” I asked him “Because” he said. “so are we going to be together or not?” he asked“yeah” I said. The bell rang. I grabbed my stuff and went to my science class.“Class I want you to get your spirals and write down the moon phases and the vocabulary word and definitions” Mrs. Anderson said. I grabbed my spiral and did my work. I was done quickly and read the rest of the hour. The bell rang I went out to the front benches and sat next to luke.                                      
“Hey want to ditch and go for a walk?” he asked “Sure” I said.  “Hey get off of me!!” I heard luke yell. Things started to turn black……………..  “Who are you?” I asked to the person walking towards me “well i’m the director” I knew he was a vampire because his fangs glistened when he spoke. “Why am I here?” I asked him “To start your training why else?” he said “Where’s luke?Where is he?!” I yelled  “Relax,don’t get your fangs in a twist!” he said “He is fine” he added. “Follow me” he waved his hand towards a hall. I got up, follow him we both stopped at a red door “come on” he said. He opened the door and I went out there was a big stadium with girl vampires I looked around I didn’t see luke. “Go sit” The director said. I sat next to a girl “Hi i’m Allie” “I’m Eve” I said and let my fangs slide out. “Where’s the others?” “Oh they’ll be out here in a sec” Ally said. Then another door opened and the boys came out all of them smiling. I looked around for luke I saw him he looked at me with a worried expression he starred at all of us.  “BEGIN!” he shouted. I went to where luke was standing. I gave him angry look his expression changed from happy to worried. “Were you ever going to tell me about any of this?!” I yelled “Or were you just going to keep lying and making excuses!” I was beyond mad. I turned away and walked. “Wanna train?”Ally  walked up to me and asked. “Sure” I said “hey what happened between you and that guy” she said pointing at Luke.“Nothing it’s stupid” I said. We both picked up bow staffs I spinned it. I threw it and caught it and giggle. Ally came towards me and swung her bow at me quickly with speed I jumped back ” I said she swung again, this time I blocked with my staff. Then I swung on her she blocked then jumped and swung. We were just whirling madness blocking and swinging.                                                                         
Then I threw my staff and blocked her with my arm, pinning her. “Ha, I won” I got off of her. “nice” she went to grab my hand I went to pick her up and she pinned me. “Remember expect the unexpected and never tur- ” she said and turn away before finishing her sentence. I flipped and pinned her “Never turn your back on your opponent” I said finishing her sentence. “Nice” she said and got up, “Thanks” I said , noticing a boy he looked familiar. He gave me an evil look and bared his fangs at me. It’s Asher! I knew he looked familiar I waved at him. When noone was looking at him he smiled at me I smiled back not being rude. Luke came over and let his fangs come out to hiss at Asher. “Back off Asher” he said a warning. “Make me” he said “you’re nothing but a wimp” he muttered which was not smart because luke ran straight towards him and punched him in the mouth. “What did you say?!” he yelled,which came out more like a snarl. “You heard me! Whimp!” he yelled and pushed him.     “STOP!!” I yelled which came out more like a snarl. I was quickly  breaking them up Asher’s nose was bleeding and Luke’s lip was bleeding. “Leave them alone Eve” Ally said and pulled me away “It’s totally cool the two hottest guys in training fighting over you” she said. I wanted to hit her so bad but I couldn't she had a point. “Ugh! You are an airhead” I told  her and broke them up. “Stop! You two are being idiots!” I  yelled.Luke was on the floor and Asher kicked him “yeah who’s a wimp?” he said tauntingly.“luke! Are you ok?” I said and rushed to him. “Yeah” he said and coughed up blood. I helped him up and looked at Asher,his lip was busted and bleeding. “You jerk!!!” I yelled. Luke was standing now he looked a little better. “You better watch your back” he said to Asher. We left and went home we jumped up to the balcony window and opened it.                                     
I jumped off the balcony and walked to the front door and went in. “Hey sis you look tired” my brother said “yep i’m going to my room to sleep,night” I said. and went upstairs.I grabbed two washcloth and got them wet and went to my room “here” I handed Luke the washcloth and he took off his shirt and dabbed at his cut shoulder which was starting to close. “thanks” he said “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about the training” he said apologetically. “It’s ok” I said. He leaned forward,.. what are you doing? Oh no, “Hey maybe you should get going?” I said backing away from him. “Ya..ya uh totally” he said looking embarrassed. He grabbed his shirt and ran towards the window “Well...see you tomorrow” he said and left. I sighed maybe I was too harsh. I shook my head fiercely, trying to clear my head. I quickly got into pajamas and went to bed. “Sis get up!!!!” my brother flung a pillow in my direction. “Ughhhhhh, leave me alone!!!” I yelled “whatever, you can miss the bus for all I care” he said with a shrug “Why are you so annoying?” I said and pushed him out of the room. I hurried and got dressed  “Eve, wanna know something?....” he didn't wait for me to respond “Yeah, well your little boyfriend I saw him...in your room” he said “You better hope it dont slip up when I talk to mom” he said tauntingly.“I’m sure mom would love to hear that wouldn’t she?” he said “You wouldn't dare” I said threatenly “ Oh,.. I wouldn't huh? ….MOM!!!!” he yelled. I quickly grab him and put my hand over his mouth.    “What!!” she yelled from upstairs. “Never mind!!” I said and we walked out. I let go of his mouth “You better keep your mouth shut” I warned him. “Fine” he said and walked off. I quickly got to the bus stop I stood and waited for the bus. The bus came on time, I didn't see luke hmm weird. I sat down, quietly I grabbed the notebook out of my bag and started to look through it.
The bus got to school earlier than I expected. I quickly went to my class and sat down in my normal spot. Luke came in after me his blond hair to the side. He smiled at me I smiled back. I pretend to listen to the teacher she was lecturing the class about not getting your homework done or something. I didn't bother to listen, the bell rang. I hurried to 2nd hour. I was watching to kids arguing over pokemon. “I told you pikachu is better than oshawa pikachu had 50 damage p- …. Hey! don't just walk of!” I started to tune them out. “Eve wanna go to the movies tonight?” Luke asked interrupting my train of thoughts. “Oh? Ya.Sure.” I said not paying attention. “Hey can you tell me why you didn't kiss me last night?” he asked  “My brother saw us” I blurted out which wasn't the reason. “The little du-” he began to say but walked away. I hurried to my next class. Ugh this will just be boring now. “Eve” luke was already in class I sat next to him.”hmm?” I said     “I’m sorry for walking away I got mad…” He said his voice trailing.  “I-It’s ok Luke” I told him reassuringly.  What I really wanted to say was “Whatever Luke I don’t care leave me alone I want to be left alone right now” but of course I didn’t say that. I love him….did I just say that? Woah slow down….I took a deep breath. “Eve did you hear me?” Luke asks...What? “uhh y-ya totally” I said stuttering what? “hmmm….well see you at eight” Luke said and hurried to pay attention to the teacher.  I did the same…..Ok so I have to be ready at eight. Ready for what? Ugh great….I started thinking of our earlier conversation “wanna go to the movies tonight?” Luke's voice still in my head as the bell rings. I grabbed my bags. “What you got a problem kid?That's what I thought” Someones voice says as I hear a thud.

“Leave him alone Beck.” a girls voice said. “What do you say Nick,should I leave the runt alone?” I hear him, Beck ask. Nick! I turned the corner I see Nick,Emily,Beck the kids always at my house looking at a boy on the ground clutching his arm which looks broken. “Leave him alone Beck” I heard Emily say again. “Ya lets leave him alone” Beck said and kicked the boy. “Hey knock it off!” I yell as he goes to kick him again. They all turn to me, “Stay out of this.” beck warns “Why don't you make her wolf-boy” Luke is suddenly next to me yellow eyes glowing. “Hey,why don’t you shut up?” he said obviously not wanting an answer. “Guys come on lets just leave them alone” nick interrupted. “Can I join the party?” a deep voice called out, Asher turned the corner to lean on a locker. “Why don’t you leave? Haven’t you learned your lesson yet?” Nick called out,pointing to the scars on his face. Woah...so those are wolf marks. I didn’t expect this, “Ya,why don’t you leave,Asher?” Luke told him. “Make me. Oh that’s right. You can’t.” he taunted him.  Then all of a sudden luke ran in a blur and slammed Asher hard against the locker dropping him to the floor. The boy on the ground let out a small gasp. We all turned our heads to look at him.
He looked terrified….great just what we need. “Get him out of  here,now!” Nick yelled to Emily. “Fine,fine geez chill out” she said and walked up to the boy helped him up. He smiled at her, she smiled politely back. “Eve, help us out.What do we do?” Nick asked turning towards me. I can make him forget” Luke said interrupting nick and motioning for the boy to come to him. The boy looked even more terrified but went up to him. What is he talking about? Luke looked into the boys eyes and whispered something.         

“You will forget you saw anything here at all. Not one motion, then you will go to class and do as you’re told lacertus” he said and his eye stopped glowing and the boy walked about. “h-h-how did you do that?” I asked stuttering. “Strength.” Luke said and turned towards Beck “you ever do anything stupid like that I won’t hesitate to do worse” he threatened. “Ya,whatever” he said “Thanks...for whatever you did” Nick said to Luke. “no problem, I guess?” Luke said and grabbed my hand and led me towards the office. “What are we doing?” I asked “Going to the office” he said and we walked to the office. “Can I help you?” she asked “Yes I think Eve should go home.” he told her “Hmmmm ok” she said “What's wrong?” she asked me. “I’m not feeling well…” I said “Ok,hmmm” She said and turned towards Luke. “Why are you in here?” she asked. “Because I’m her boyfriend.” he said matter-of-factly. “Ok you can go to class” she told him. “You will give Eve a slip home and Let us leave and be excused for the rest of the day,lacertus” He told her. Instantly she started clicking on the computer. “There you go you guys are excused.” she said and we walked out the door. “What was that?” I asked again  “I have powers,You’ll get them to as you age well you stopped aging when you were bitten by….” he stop abruptly. What bitten by who!? “What? Who was I attacked by?! Tell me now!” I yelled. What is he not telling me? “I said tell me,now” I told him. “Another time,ok?” He pleaded…. “I swear Luke if you dont tell me…..” I warned. “I will, I will just this isn't the right place for it” he tells me. I sigh, “fine. But you will tell me.” I said and started walking away. Frustrated,tired,and upset has gotten me on edge. “Where are you going?” he called out “I don't know!” I yelled “Gosh, you get me so angry!” I yell  
“I know and i’m sorry! Ok i’m sorry!” he yells back. Then in a blur he’s in front of me. “Come with me, we could hang out for a little while…” he says searching my eyes for any sign of forgiveness. “Ok lets go.” I told him, as he started to walk towards the mall. “What are we doing?” I asked him, not out of curiosity but out of stubbornness. “Arcade.” he told me looking at me. “Okayyyyy? Why?” I asked this time out of curiosity. “To hang out…” he said and walked into the mall keeping the door open for me. I gave him a nob of acknowledgment. “You're welcome” he muttered sarcastically, then rolled his eyes as I did the same. I laughed “What’s so funny?” he asked look merely curious. “Nothing” Just that we’re in a place full of people and we’re ditching school because of your freaky vampire powers. I laughed again, “Ya I guess I never thought of that.” He said. “Thought of what?” “That we are in a place full of people and ditching school” he said but his mouth didn’t move. “what?” I said out loud “You talked with your mind” the last word said in my mind. My mouth was hanging open. I smiled a huge smile that could have spread to my ears. “Cool…right?” Luke said and asked with a edge to his voice like he’s anxious and nervous about my new skill. Why? “What's wrong?Luke?” I asked. He looked up at me like he was snapping out of a daydream.“Ya?I’m ok..I’m ok....” He said quickly. He grabbed my hand and led me into the arcade. A few younger teens looked my way. I looked away, “Do you see that pale girl wearing all the black?” I heard the tan boy say from all the way across the room. “Ya, she’s looks smokin.” the boy’s friend answered. Who says that anymore? I laughed… “Eve, come on” Luke said sitting on a stool by the skee-ball machines. He handed me some tokens and we both put a token in the machine to play skee-ball. Page 15
This is the first time I’ve playing this game in a while. My mother and I use to play this game when I was younger until my brother came along well when he was adopted. I swung the skee-ball and it went into the 100 hole. After the game was over I won and luke looked happy. The same teenager still here. We left the arcade and started to walk around. “You know it would be a lot easier if you would start a conversation instead of silence…” I told Luke through thoughts. “Ya it would be….well we could talk like this if you want to?” he told me through thoughts. “I wish I wasn’t like this…”  I thought sadly…..I didn’t know he was listening cause he answered. “Ya, I feel the same if we were human it would be a lot easier” he said through thoughts and sighed out loud. “Well, at least we are here.” he said out loud. I smiled “Ya, theres a brighter side to everything..well almost everything.” I said and luke looked at me. Guilt fill his eyes….why? “Come on...let's go.” he said and grabbed my hand. We left the mall. I looked at the mountains they looked beautiful. I wonder what it would be like to hike. “Eve,come on” he said and we ran at a regular pace to my house. Luke ran at a swifter pace and leaped on the balcony. I followed pursuit and jumped up to the balcony. I quickly and quietly opened the window to let luke and I in. My room was a little dirty books cover most of the floor. I gathered them and set them on the bookshelf, I’ll have to organize them later. Luke sat on the bed “what book are you reading?” he asked“Beautiful Creatures” I told him.“And what is it about?” he asked. “This girl lena has powers she’s a caster. There are dark and light casters. She doesn’t want to become dark. Her Boyfriend Ethan helps her through this but she knows that they can’t be together because he is a mortal Human and she is a caster not a mortal. ,                                                           
it’s impossible so she has to choose to stay with him and risk hurting him or let him go for his own good.” I say out of breath. “Sounds cool, I might read it.” He said pushing his hair away from his face. “What do you like to read?” I asked. “Non-fiction, well fiction to humans stuff about our kind. Research and myths, there mostly all myths. Like burn in the sun,Wooden stakes, and such” he said and rolled his eyes at the wooden stake idea, I really don’t know where people came up with such nonsense like Dracula. I laughed out loud at the idea of dracula. “Dracula. Ha! Humans believe anything. You could tell them there a cow and they would start to Moo!” he said and laughed along with me. I loved his laugh. “I love your laugh as well.” he said his voice popped in my mind as jumped a little surprised and then remembered the most exciting part of the day, my powers. I smiled at him “how about we go to your house?” I asked suddenly worried if my mother can hear us then I heard a switch turn on from downstairs and the vacuum running. “Hmm..Ya ok lets go to my house…” he said with a nervous chuckle. “Beware my family is like us, vampires my brother and my mom and dad are very enthusiastic about new people so don’t worry…” he told me with a light chuckle.He grabbed my hand and he lead the way to his house. Walking seemed very annoying I don’t understand how humans can just walk. Well, that seems like the only speed. They can run but not as fast as our kind. Before I realized where I was the door opened and luke led me inside.His house was a bright white color with blue stripes. It was so beautiful a lot more prettier than my house. “Hey luke who’s this?” A boy with dark brown hair, yellow eyes and a pale complexion looked at me. “Eve, this is my brother Jace. Jace this is Eve” he said introducing us.                        

“Hey.” he said his yellow eyes looking into my amber eyes. “What? Never seen someone with Amber eyes?” I asked not sounding rude but a bit curious. “Nope.” he said his voice popping into my head. “Who is this?” A woman with blond hair the same shade as Luke’s hair with violet eyes. I loved her eyes “Luke her eyes?” I asked not out loud “Usually when our kind turns we get eyes we desire usually, I desired bright blue but I got yellow. At least I blend A little more at school with the humans my brother goes to A vampire school” He told me. “Vampire school?” I asked “Ya, Jace goes to a vampire college mixed with humans but vampires are the most there I think they see the humans as pet or snacks...It’s disgusting” he said the look on his was twisted in disgust. “Well anyway I’m nicole” Luke’s mom interupts she has an embarrassed look on her face that faints from her features. She smiles at me and leaves. “Let’s get going before she brings a camera or something.” He says and leads me upstairs. He opens a white door that seems to be a bedroom. His room has blue wallpaper. and a computer desk with a laptop on it. He sat down on the bed and patted the spot next to him and I sat down. I smiled suddenly nervous. Is this even right?I mean he’s a boy and I am a girl and where in his room together. Is that why i’m so nervous? No of course not as i’m battling a war in my head luke has his laptop on his lap clicking on stuff. As I listen to the clicking. I focus my hearing downstairs.“Why would he bring her here? I mean it’s bad enough to have him feeding on animals and come home with the smell of animal blood.” I hear Nicole talking. “Mom, she seems cool plus Luke likes her so you should be happy.” I hear Jace defend his brother which brings a smile to my lips.                        

I tune them out not wanting to hear Nicole talk bad about me anymore. “Eve, look.” Luke turns the computer screen towards me.
On the screen a girl is laying on the floor looking asleep but in a weird way. I shiver, “A girl found this morning drained of blood if you see anything suspicious contact the police.” luke reads out loud. “What does it mean? Is it our kind? Well of course it’s our kind. Should we worry about it? What did this? More importantly who?” I asked question nonstop really fast until Luke put one finger on my mouth to tell me to be quiet. “We don’t need to worry.” he said then added a yet afterwards. “Yet? Yet?! what if he does this again!? This could get bad.  People, Humans could piece together this and find out about our kind!” I said frantically pacing around the room.  “Just one body, Eve calm down.” Luke tells me trying to calm me down. I sighed calming myself and sitting back down on the bed. He leaned over and push the hair on my face behind my ear and pulled away slowly, embarrassed.  I laughed a laugh without any humor. “When was this?” I asked “Earlier this morning, when they found the body” he answered. Not seeming phased by a dead girl found in our town, This morning. He held my hand and squeezed it reassuringly.      “Wanna go for a walk?” he asked breaking the tension that was formed by silence. “Sure” I said and we walked downstairs he opened the front door and we stepped out. “What if it keeps happening?” he asked me worry spread across his face. “What?” I asked not sure what he was talking about yet. “The dead bodies drained of blood, People dying, vampires leaving trails behind….We could be exposed….” his voice full of worry. I squeezed his hand reassuringly. He forced a smile, looking at me.                                

“Thank you, for everything” he said to me through thoughts “I didn't do anything.” I told him “You keep me...Me.” he told me.We both stop. He turned towards me and leaned down pressing his lips to mine this time I didn't pull away. I smiled at the warm feeling of his lips. “Sorry I didn’t mean to do that if you weren't ready..” his voice trailed. I took a step towards him and this time I kissed him. “Now, stop worrying.” I told him and a smile spread across his face. Lightning cracked across the sky. “Hmmm...lets go.” He said and we ran holding hands we ran straight past his house to the bound of trees that wrap about 12 miles around our town and further across until you reach the mountains. We both stopped in front of a little opening it looked like a tree house but much bigger and nicer. “This is my fortress of solitude when I want to escape away from my judgemental mother and my crazy brother” he tells me as we walk in. There’s a bed and a t.v. with a playstation hooked up to it. A mini-fridge that seems to work. “How does the electricity work in this place?” I asked not really wanting to know just trying to make conversation. “I have a battery that's used for powering a house if power goes out its long lasting.” he says with a smile. He sits on the bed and I do the same. “Its easier here, I get away from the house stay here whenever I want and as long as I want to.” he says grabbing a cup and opening the fridge pouring blood into it. For a moment I froze and smelled the air. It’s animal blood he hands me a cup and I gladly take it.“Thanks.” I said and took a long gulp letting the cold liquid go down my throat.“Wanna watch t.v?” he asked turning on the t.v and taking a drink from his cup. He handed me the remote I flipped through channels. Stopping at the movie Blade. “This?” I asked.              

“Ya, It’s a classic though they seem to have most of the characteristics right”he tells me and I click to watch the movie. Luke scoots closer to me holding my hand I leaned against him, cuddling with him. We laughed at the part where Blade grabs the sunglasses out of nowhere. Luke leans down and kisses my cheek. “Hey Luke wha- ” A boy with pale skin walks in, “Hi.” he says to me and looks at luke “Luke what’s with the girl?” he asked like im not even in the same room. “Well the girl you happen to be talking about is Eve.” he tells him. “Cool, I’m Eric” he flip his light brown curly hair away from his face. “Cool…” I said unsure what to say. “Well anyway..” “Whoooo!!! Yeah watch out i'm coming in!!!” I heard a boy yell and a black haired boy came in. “That’s Ryan” luke said pointing at the black haired boy. “Didn’t anyone tell you its rude to point.”  A girl said and was quickly next to Ryan. “I’m Ellie” she said. “Luke can we be alone?” I asked him though thought “Well lets give these two some privacy.” Ellie said and the boys followed her jumping to the other tree and out of the room. “Well that was…” I said not able to describe what it was. “Terrifying?” I shook my head. “Embarrassing?” I shook my head.“Interestingly weird?” he guessed again, closer. “pretty much.” I said with a nod. He chuckled I leaned into him. He turned up the t.v. I rested my head against his shoulder closing my eyes and tuning out the t.v I listened to the birds chirping and a deer munching on grass. “Why does Luke have her there?” I heard a deep voice ask, Eric recognized the voice.  “I don’t know, A snack maybe?” someone answered I recognized the voice as Ryan’s.
“Of course not. It’s obvious she’s a vampire and plus Luke Stopped
drinking human blood since we attacked that girl walking in the alley six months ago, remember?” I heard a girls voice.“Oh ya, we all did.  Hmmm… She looks familiar don’t you think?” someone asked I didn't know who. “Eve you ok?” Luke asked snapping me out of their conversation. “Ya just daydreaming I guess.” I said with a smile he nuzzled my neck. I giggled “Where did you meet your friends at?” I asked “When I was young before I turned about 15 years ago.” he told me “We were about the same age I was 16 when we meet I’m 17 now. We hung out for about a year and we turned about the same time.” he told me, looking distracted. “So we don’t age anymore?” I asked. “Ya, not really we’ll look the same as we do now from 200 years away so we stop aging after we turn.” he tells me a frown on his face. “It will suck won’t it?” I asked. “Depending i’m sort of glad that we stop aging but then i'm not.” he tells me. “It’s fun at times but when we stay at a place we usually have to move after ten years or so.”he says.“Ok ok lets talk about something else.”I say “Ok how about we go outside?.” he asked“Fine by me.” I say and he’s outside right after. I follow him launching myself on to a tree branch. Luke is right next to me in a flash.We quietly jump from tree to tree. He leaps down and sits on a grey stone where a little creek is. I silently watched as his eyes dart from fish to fish switching fastly. He shoots his hand in the water to try and catch one and snarls as he misses. Baring his fangs at the water in frustration. I laugh and he turns towards me and smiles. Flashing my fangs tauntingly he laughs along with me. I jump down, sitting next to him in seconds.“I would’ve caught it.” he tells me “Sure you would’ve and I would’ve won a million dollars playing poker .” Telling him sarcastically. He crouched low, playfully and sprung at me.                    
Quickly moving out of the way he crashes to the ground and I take the chance and spring,lightly landing on him.He laughed, kissing me swiftly on the cheek and standing up.  I laughed along with him. “When are we going home?” I asked. “We?” he asked “Hmmm..I like it.” he said with a smile across his face. “Well I’ll probably get in some trouble for ditching but I doubt it.” I said with a sad smile. “It’s ok. Eve you know you could always go to me if you want to talk.” he said trying to comfort me. I just wish once that my mom would pay attention to me instead of tending to my brothers every need. I jumped to the nearest tree branch and sat down. Luke sitting next to me he hugged me, comforting me. I hugged him back smelling his scent of pine trees and apples. I smiled at the familiar scent. “Lets go to my house.” I told him and we ran using our vampire speed. With a laugh we stopped and had to walk. He grabbed my hand we walked getting closer to my doorstep. Luke stopped “What?” I asked “Nothing.” he said shaking his head as if clearing out his thoughts. I opened the door “Hey luke” I heard nick say. “Hi.” he said the nick. I led him upstairs we quickly retreated to my bedroom. I looked out the window then focused my attention to luke who sat next to me on the bed twirling a loose strand of my hair.  I turned around in a flash and luke looked me with a confused look on his face. “I’m extremely bored.” I told him “Same.” he said “Why is luke here.” I heard beck say. “There dating.” I heard nick say to him. “Your vampire sister and her vampire boyfriend.” he said emphasizing the word vampire. “Why don't you shut up.” nick told him.“Oh, let me shut up now, oh great alpha…” Beck said making sure to soak each word with sarcasm. “Man that is going to get so old” I heard nick say then a loud snarl interrupting my snooping on their conversation.             

“Eve, how about we….” he said leaning closer to me. He kissed me his hands on my hips. We deepened the kiss. He rolled up over on the bed. This is going to get out of hand…..or not I didn't know what to do. “Luke, not now please” I told him getting out from under his weight easily. “Yeah -ya Sorry i’m sorry.” he tells me giving me an apologetic look. His yellow eyes,glowing.Red around then that darkens. “Luke your eyes.” I said through thoughts. “Yeah. There becoming red aren't they?”  he asked. “Yeah.” I said outloud. “I’ll be back.” He tells me and is out the window before I can say bye. I sighed, closing my window and the curtains. Grabbing my night-clothes which consist of my favorite black and gray Beatles t-shirt and a pair of sweats. I quickly got changed and went threw my drawer to find my Mp3. I grabbed the small lime-green Mp3. My matching headphone were on my bed. The set I got for last christmas my dad decided to get me when I begged for a phone and case that can latch onto my jeans. I plugged in my headphones and layed on my bed. I heard a knock on the window. “Watch out. Eve watch out i'm  coming in” Luke said and in one swift movement he was standing at the foot of my bed. His eyes a normal shade of yellow. “Want to get out of here?” Luke asked. “Ya.” I told him “Well then lets go” he says “Follow me.” I tell him leading him downstairs. And out the front door my brother and his friend's eye following us as we left. “My tree building?” he asked “Yep.” I said and it was dark out already. I smile as my hair flew everywhere while we ran dodging trees. I leaped up to the balcony made of wood.   Luke went inside first on a desk was a couple of empty blood containers. He quickly moved them out of view into a trashcan. I laughed he chuckled nervously.                   
“Sooo...what do you want to do now.?”  he asked. “Dude this time I don’t care if that chick is with you!” I heard a voice yell.Eric was standing at the door followed by Ellie and Ryan. “Hi guys.” Luke said to them and walked stopping next to me. “sup” “Hey” “What’s up lil’ brother.” the three greeted him sitting in chairs I sat on the bed. Luke sitting next to me. “I’m coming up” A new voice called from outside and a girl was already sitting in a beanbag chair. “Who’s this?” The girl asked her eyes switching between Luke and I. Suddenly feeling protective I leaned into Luke. “Eve.” Luke told her. “Why is she here?” She said each word full of venom “WOAH…..chill out. Damn kelly no need to be jealous…” Eric told her emphasizing the word jealous. I laughed at the same did we all did well everyone besides kelly. She glared at me luke held my hand and gave it a squeeze. “Well since you guys are boring lets do something.” Ellie said. “What?” I asked not sure what we could do. “Laser tag, Swimming, Movies….any suggestions?” she asked. “Swimming.” Ryan,Luke,Eric, and Kelly said at the same time. “K swimming it is then!” Ellie said declaring it while standing up. I laughed nervously “What’s wrong with swimming?” luke asked his voice in my head “Nothing just that I don’t have a swimsuit” I told him through thoughts. “You don’t have to swim.” he told me “Or she can borrow one of mine.”  Kelly said her voice in my head. Clearly listening to our conversation. “I don’t know…” I said out loud, knowing that i’m going to be very uncomfortable around people I just met if I wear a swimsuit. “Come on…please.” Ellie begged. “Ya, why not it would be fun.” Kelly said clearly taunting me.“I’ll go but I’m not swimming” I tell her. “Yay this will be so fun!!!” Ellie tells me clapping her hands. “Eve, you can borrow one of my swimsuits” she tells me through thoughts.              
I simply nod my head. “Now boys get out” she tell Ryan,Luke,and Eric. They leave quickly so does Kelly.“Here.” she says handing me a blue swimsuit. I look at it’s just a plain two piece with shorts.She leaves and I put it on trying the back and and folding my clothes, placing them on the bed. “Ok.” I tell them Ellie is first to come in followed by the rest. “We’ll be back.” They tell us and leave. “Well...Looks like i’m staying.” Ellie said and sits down on the bed. “Where are we going?” I asked wondering where we are going to go to swim. “The lake by my house.” she tells me. “Cool…” I say getting bored. “Well I’m going to my house to get my swimming trunks” luke said and leaves. “So when did you and luke meet?” Ellie asks. “At school this year.” “Oh....has he told you how he met us?” she asks clearly curious. “Ya only a little bit like before he turned.” I told her answering her question. “Oh cool” she said. Luke was back wearing only swim trunks. His shirt was off and I didn’t know I was staring at him until Ellie tapped me with her elbow. I looked down, slightly embarrassed. Outside we heard the boys coming filing in one after another. Ryan went to the fridge to grab a pack of blood. Tossing one to Kelly, “Thanks” she mumbled while grabbing a cup to put it in. “So..lets go.” Ellie said already outside Kelly and the rest of the boys following closely behind I was last one out grabbing a towel. Luke grabbed my hand and we all ran at vampire speed and went behind houses and neighborhoods and were right by a lake. I put my towel down and sit, putting feet in the water. “Wooooo!!!!!” Eric yelled and jumped in the lake. Followed by Luke and the rest of them.Luke swam up to me splashing me. “Hey that’s not fair” I told him, splashing him back.              
Kelly splashed at Eric and eventually everyone started splashing water. “Come in.” luke told me I shook my head. “Please..” he said “Nope.” I told him. Kelly like the jerk she is said “Luke you should give up she’s too snobby to get her hair wet.” Oh ya? “I’ll come in.” I told him kissing him on the forehead. I jumped in, just to spite her.I opened my eyes as the shock of the cold water hit me. Swimming with my eyes open. I swam upward, Luke swam towards me. “It’s cold” I told him. “You’ll get use to it ,don't worry.” he tells me. “How about we play a game?” Ellie suggests. “Ok,how about marco polo?” Eric asks “Ok I say marco you say polo.” she tells us. “1,2,3 GO!” she yells “Marco!” she say with her eyes close. “Polo!” I yell back she moves towards me and I swim downward out of sight. “Polo!” I hear someone yell but not sure who the water muffles the sound. I swim to the side and go upward. “You’re it Eric!” Ellie yells even though he’s right in front of her. “K, 1,2,3” he says and yells “POLO!!” no one says anything. “Cheaters” he mutters and opens his eyes. We all started laughing. An hour passes of us swimming and failing at playing pool game. “Ok lets get out.” Ellie said and I climbed out,grabbing my towel to dry off. “Who wants to go to my house?” Ellie asks. “Actually I have to get Eve home.” Luke says. “Ok well bye.” they say and luke and I run to my house. “What was that about?” I ask wondering why luke wanted me to get home. “It’s getting late.” he tells me. “It’s only 12 O'clock” I tell him. “Yes...Late” he tells me as I open the front door. We quietly walk upstairs to my room. “Bye.” he tells me and Kisses me goodnight. He leaves and I walk to the shower and get in. When i’m done I get on pajamas and go to bed. The next day my head was pounding.                                

I hurried to get dressed and out the door. Luke was waiting outside, “Hi” he said and we started to walk towards our bus stop.The breeze felt good on my face. A howl ripped through the air. Luke suddenly stopped. “What’s going on?” I asked not knowing if I should panic.“Nothing….Come on” he said and we finished walking to the bus stop. He held my hand, waiting for the bus. Most of the kids were looking our way. The bus came on time, another howl ripped through the air. “Are you sure that everythings ok?” I asked him quietly. “Ya, of course it is.” he tells me,reassuringly. My mind wanders until we get to school. None of my brothers friends are here. The day goes by quickly, we do our usual routine. After school things goes differently. Luke seems to be distracted and guilty? I think? When I get home mom seems worried. The only normal thing is that dad isn’t around. I go to my room and grab my ipod. Plugging in my headphones I listen to the soft music. “I wish you were here.” I hear Luke’s voice in my head. “I do to.”  I tell him “Come over” He tells me “Can’t parents acting weird something’s up.”  I tell him. “Eve!!! Come here.” I hear my mom yell from downstairs.  “What!!!!!” I yell. Not wanting to go downstairs to face the unusual day. “I said GET DOWN HERE! NOW!!” she yells I sight. Getting out of bed and putting my ipod away.  I quickly go downstairs I look outside it’s dark out. I heard another howl low enough for me to hear. “Where’s nick?” I ask“I don’t know we haven’t seen him since yesterday.” she tells me. “Maybe he wanted to be alone.” My dad interrupts I glare at him. “Ya, since you know everything because you’re just always around.Ya since you just act like the best father of the year. News flash you’re not.” I say with so much sarcasm. “Watch your mouth, right
now.” he say “No. You watch yours.”                                 
“Listen to me I don’t care what you say anymore ,understood?” I tell him.He just turns around and leaves.  “He’s missing.” My mom tells me and tears form on her face. I give her a hug “Mom it’s ok.” I tell her. Wanting the old times back.Wishing we could go back to when my family would be together again and everything would be ok. I sigh Knowing that things won’t be that way again. That time is over. Someone knocked on the door. I run over to the door and open it, Luke is standing in the doorway. “Yes?” I ask and he looks completely exhausted. “I heard what happen…..Remember earlier when yo-” he was beginning to say when my mom interrupted. “Who are you?” my mom asked “I’m luke, Eves boyfriend.” she tells her. Well at least she’s not crying anymore but now attentions on me, great. “Oh, Eve you have a boyfriend.” she said her voice lit up with surprise. “Yes,now lets get off the subject.” I said wanting the attention off of me. “Luke you can call me Sarah.” my mom says to luke. Clearly not wanting to get off of the subject. I sighed if it keeps her mind of the situation. “We need to talk alone.” luke said. “Ok” I tell him “Mom We’ll go and look for him.” I tell her not waiting for her response. We walk outside, “The thing is Eve we can’t.” What? “What why not?” I ask, just wanting to get away from the house. “What are you talking about?” I said “Remember, earlier when I came….” he said the look on his face was pure guilt. “What? Tell me now. I mean it Luke.” I tell him “Well earlier at school when you heard the howls...The wolves were fighting and I don’t know what they were fighting but Nick got kidnapped and they couldn’t stop it.” He told me not able to make eye-contact. I turned around. Unsure what or where i’m going. “Where are you going?” Luke asked.

“I’m going to look for him.” I said. 

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