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America's Next Top Model

February 14, 2008
By Anonymous

When you turn on tv and actually want to learn something that has to deal with fashion or modeling I would have to suggest America’s Next Top Model. They start off with whatever amount of girls and have photo shoots and contests through out the time spent there. One girl each night get’s eliminated which easily works there way to the next america’s top model. The hit tv series normally airs on MTV or VH1. Recently, they have not had many new cycles, as so they call them which is the same as series. Once you watch a part of it your eyes are hooked.

It does not have a certain airing place, depending on how far each girl stay’s in this dramatic contest they move from the lovely house they first started off with in Los Angelas and go to where ever Tyra Banks, the host decides for them to go. On previous show’s they have gone to Spain, Australia, Grease, Italy and much more fascinating places.

Once you look past the harsh critiquing and rude insults the judges say to these girls, it lets you take in the information they give about the fashion world. It also gives you the drama you need which comes from all the girls living in one house together and having to be with each other all the time. Or from the judges saying hypocritical comments and the girls talking back. Most of the time it gives comedy that the only time you want to touch the remote is when you are turning the volume up.

I can not wait for this coming up season because it will bring that spice and fire that grabs people of any age attraction. It will keep you wanting to come back for more.

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