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The Kid

March 19, 2008
By Anonymous

The kid is a story with Bruce Willis is the main character that plays Russ Durtiz who is really stubborn in life. Like he wouldn’t help his father help move into the nursing home and he also wanted his way no way else he didn’t want anyone in his life at all. So during the begging of the story a young boy comes to his house, but Russ didn’t like that so he called his security to get more technology to keep the kid out of his house. So that next day the kid came back and Russ found him watching T.V. and eating popcorn on his coach and when he asked the kid who he was he said that he was Russ Durtiz. That made Russ mad because he thought that someone was pranking him.

Through out the story he learns that the kid is him and it when he was younger and in elementary school. The reason why the Russ the younger one came was because Russ right know doesn’t have a dog named Charlie like he wanted he also doesn’t have a girlfriend. So the point of the him as a little one to come back is to see his life as a little boy and a wimp through life to help him change his life and keep his goal up to get the woman he wanted which was really Amy (Emily Momenter) and a family for himself.

The movie itself I give the movie 5 stars because it really good it funny but has a good lesson for people. Any age can watch this movie and enjoy it. And it has funny for the whole family. If people are into watching a comedy and

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