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Hannah Montana

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Hannah Montana

How do you think it would feel to live a double life? Well Miley Cyrus lives a double life between your ordinary everyday teenager and a pop star. Miley goes to school, hangs out with her friends, goes to the mall, and movies. But little does everyone know that she is also America’s favorite pop star. The show plays at 7:00-7:30 on channel 173 on the Disney channel. This show takes place at home, school, closet, interviews, or concerts. Hannah Montana is an overall good show because the plot is unbelievably entertaining, the acting is very interesting, and the writing is facetious.

The plot to this show is unbelievably entertaining because Miley and Jake Ryan were dating a few episodes ago, they broke up and then during a recent episode that I’ve watched they got back together. While, Miley is living a double life Jake is doing anything to get her back. Jake Ryan and Miley get back together, then he tells her his biggest secret (his real name), then Miley is put into a big situation and finally tells him her big secret (being Hannah Montana). So then, they are happy and the paparazzi follow them, she is still in the Hannah Montana costume, they escape and don’t get caught.

The acting is very interesting because they are all actually friends and family in real life. So it seems as if they are having real life problems and situations. This show is so funny at the same time serious because they act like themselves, make silly faces, and say goofy lines, which makes the show even more entertaining. Just the way that they set-up the show is entertaining.

The writing is facetious because even though people are friends they are going to fight, so Miley, Lily, and Oliver fight but when they do it’s over stupid, little, funny things. This sitcom has natural sounding dialogue because it sounds as if they are really speaking what they feel. One thing is for sure it doesn’t sound as if it were written. When the characters act they talk what they feel inside, so if there were in an argument they would say the full, honest, truth on how they feel about the situation they are stuck in. The show can relate to the way people are.

Hannah Montana is worth watching because of the incredible plot, outstanding acting, and humorous writing. I highly recommend that you watch this show because it’s great for the family to watch and it’s just so funny. If your child just wants to hang around the house and watch Hannah Montana, don’t be hesitant on letting them watch the show. If you have any doubts or concerns just this review again.

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