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January 5, 2008
By Anonymous

"Movie Review: Juno"

The first thing that I can say about “Juno” is that it is a movie made up of equal parts hilarity and compassion, satire and seriousness. This is a film that collides completely different genres and shows that they can, in fact, exist in the same picture without being overdone or ridiculous.

It tells the endearing story of Juno MacGuff, an offbeat sixteen year old who must face the reality of mistakes when she becomes pregnant. Armed with the support of preppy friend Leah, overwhelmed parents Bren and Mac, and bestfriend/father of the baby Paulie, she decides to give her child away to a needy couple found in the local classifieds.

“Juno” is heartfelt and real, not glorifying teenage pregnancy, but rather showing how people make it through even the scariest of situations with the help of friends and family.

Chock full of witty one liners, nonsensical jargon that's amusing even if you're not really sure what they're saying, and a cast that's talented beyond their years, let it be said that if you're only going to see one film this year, make it “Juno”. You'll probably laugh, you'll probably go 'aww', but you'll definitely leave the theater feeling good.

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