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September 21, 2007
By Anonymous

Review: Frequency (2000)
By Kristi Lytle
Staff Writer
Extremely well plotted, witty, and intense are just a few ways to describe Frequency. This film takes the “what if we changed the past” concept.
Frank Sullivan, (Dennis Quaid), and John Sullivan, (James Caviezel), are father and son who find themselves communicating thirty years away from each other. As John is living in 1999, Frank is living in 1969.
James Sullivan, a cop in ’99, turns on an old radio of his father’s, one night after his girlfriend leaves him. He meets a man who turns out to be his father from the past. Now that John has communicated with his father, he intends on stopping his death, thirty years prior.
When he succeeds in saving his father from the fire that was supposed to kill him, the future (or present time for John), starts changing. Now his mother seems to be gone. John and Frank have to work together to stop the murdered that killed his mother.

E! Online rated Frequency an A- saying, “It was near excellent! Especially the way the two Sullivan’s first deny but then grow to believe their miraculous connection.” This movie is nothing less than excellent.
This science fiction, dramatic, and fantasy film also proves to be a thriller. When New Line Cinema released it on April 18, 2000, they weren’t expecting to be nominated for a Golden Globe, win Best Fantasy Film and Favorite Supporting Actor – Andre Braugher, and also be nominated for Best Supporting Actor – Dennis Quaid, Best Writing – Toby Emmerich, Favorite Actor – Dennis Quaid, Favorite Male Newcomer – James Caviezel, and Best Original Song – Motion Picture for the song “When You Come Back to Me Again.”
The critics and viewers weren’t the only people who loved this movie. On April 25, 2000, the New York Mets and Cincinnati Reds played a game wearing their 1969 uniforms to promote the film.
Dennis Quaid, the son of an electrician, was born in Houston, Texas. He studied drama in high school but dropped out before completing his studies, moving to Las Angeles to pursue a career. Aside from acting, Quaid is also a musician, and plays with his band, the Sharks.
In a scene where Quaid is saving a girl from a fire, he had to slide down an emergency chute while holding the girl. When filming this, Quaid was injured and received sixteen stitches just above his hairline.
Quaid had extreme dedication and that is one of the reasons this movie was so successful. Caviezel was also a very motivated, dedicated actor. A strong actor must be able to look past personal problems or relationships with other actors. Elizabeth Mitchell, who took the role of Caviezle’s mother, in reality, is younger than Caviezel and both actors had to forget about real life to pursue the movie.
Following high school, Caviezel enrolled at Bellevue Community College where he again played on the basketball team. A foot injury in his sophomore season put an end to Jim's basketball career and his dreams of playing in the NBA. Shortly after his, he turned his focus toward acting.

Frequency created suspense, fear, and hope in viewers. This was an extremely good film and I’m sure almost everyone would enjoy it. The talent of the actors, director, well planned editing, and special effects made this movie the great, enjoyable movie that it is.

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