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Trick 'R Treat

October 20, 2009
By JaysynB190 SILVER, Fort Wayne, Indiana
JaysynB190 SILVER, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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In Michael Dougherty’s lastest horror film, viewers are introduced to the town of Warren Valley, OH on Halloween night. While most of the citizens are there to take part in the large festival downtown, there are a few citizens celebrating or not in their own special way. “Trick ‘R Treat” connects four seemingly different Halloween stories featuring an old hermit and the trick-or-treater who won’t give up, a serial killer principle, four teenagers who carry a prank too far, and a group of young women who meet a stalker into one overall story that leaves you at the edge of your seat. This is a movie that many, including myself, were waiting for and as long as it took for this to finally come to DVD, it was worth it. In recent years, I’ve become bored with the latest “horror film” Hollywood produced, giving most a fair chance only to be disappointed by the needless nudity and cursing. With “Trick ‘R Treat”, we’re treated to some genuine scary and gross moments. I personally found the “four teenagers” story to be the most frightful. All cast members deliver a great performance with Brian Cox as old Mr. Kreeg leading the way. Dylan Baker also gives a good portrayal of the sinister Principle Wilkins. The “Pulp Fiction” style of story-telling works most effectively as it transcends from one story to another so that you’re always excited what happens next in each story. The sets have a great hand in setting the terrifying mood in most scenes from the rock quarry to Mr. Kreeg’s bedroom. A big salute to producer Brian Singer and director Michael Dougherty for giving us a reminder on why Halloween is the scariest night of the year.
This movie is rated R.

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