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Hannah Montana: One Girl, Two Lives and Three Times the Fun!

November 25, 2007
By Anonymous

One Girl, Two Lives and Three times the Fun!

“Life’s what you make It” and “Best of both Worlds” are two songs that might sound familiar to kids and adults of all ages. They come from the ever popular Hannah Montana TV series which airs weekly on the Disney Channel. This TV show has made Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana the latest craze that is sweeping the nation. From sold out concerts to Halloween costumes, Hannah Montana is known by everyone. Hannah Montana stands out from the rest of the sitcoms for three reasons: the entertaining Billy Ray Cyrus, the phenomenal supporting cast, and the humorous storyline.

The name Billy Ray Cyrus still causes women of all ages to squeal with excitement, from his good looks to his #1 country single “Achy Breaky Heart”, he is still a hunk and plays song writer Robby Ray Stewart on the hit TV show Hannah Montana. He is such an entertaining part of the show because of his deep southern accent and his easy going manner. He brings warmth and charm to the show as he plays TV dad to his real daughter (Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana), who leads a double life, one as Miley Stewart (normal high school student) and the other as pop superstar Hannah Montana. His jokes and funny country sayings really make for some entertaining moments. An example of this is: “Sweet Niblets” and “You know what they say, every now and then even a blind pig snorts up a truffle.”

The supporting cast of Hannah Montana is phenomenal. The cast consists of friends Lilly and Oliver, Jackson (her brother) and Ricco (Mr. Smart Alec). Each character has different personalities but in the show they come together to make the show entertaining. One example of this is Lilly, Miley/Hannah’s best friend. Lilly is a lot dorkier and immature than Miley, but that’s what keeps their friendship real. Another example is Ricco, who is a short brainiac who is always causing problems for Jackson his older but not necessarily wiser employee.

One of the best things about Hannah Montana is the storyline; every episode is just as hilarious as the one before. The show takes place in Malibu, CA which is somewhat funny because the Stewart family comes from the South and they are not quite accustomed to the California lifestyle. Hannah, Lilly and Oliver are always down at the beach and Jackson can most usually be found working for Ricco at the “Shack”. One hilarious beach episode was when Oliver was tired of hearing Hannah and Lilly fight so he handcuffed them together but lost the key in the sand. They were left stranded on the beach while he ran home to get his extra key. Each storyline and episode involves some sort of problem but it always seems to get resolved in a humorous way.

This show is great because of the entertaining Billy Ray Cyrus, the excellent supporting cast and the humorous storyline. The Hannah Montana show is a classic. It is a fan favorite so turn it on. “Sweet Niblets” just tune in for yourself to see how awesome it really is.

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