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in the front porch shade

September 18, 2012
By fidgetyfrog GOLD, Panchkula, Other
fidgetyfrog GOLD, Panchkula, Other
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He saw her there, in the front porch shade

And his excitement he could no longer hold.

For she sat there, with the grace of a queen,

Head held high, heart bold.

He inched forward, as his insides squirmed,

And yelped and whined for her.

He was entranced, high hopes dances

And heart all a flutter.

No longer restrained, feelings untamed,

He was almost there.

And she who had been, till this moment not seen

Him finally dare.

In a moment, none less,

As soon as he reached, she purred and arched her back.

And as quick as a blade, in the front porch shade,

She had left a fierce scratch.

Walking away, feline tail in the air,

She looked back just that once,

To see me there, patting the head,

Of the dog who had dared that once.

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on Sep. 22 2012 at 8:13 am
esurasshi BRONZE, Iligan City, Other
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really good job! :) i hope you can check out my sonnet too ^_^ Thank You So Much and I hope you''ll keep making sonnets ^_^