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October 3, 2014
By Catcher GOLD, Edinburg, Texas
Catcher GOLD, Edinburg, Texas
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I can't explain what I mean, and even if I could, I'm not sure I'd feel like it.


Beautiful aching words that slipped off the tongue through the teeth,
Each breathing word uttered beneath a sheet of falsity

Fallacious, gracious spoken word leaving me anxious – please stop
I can no longer deduce what is true and truly you in this façade

Once it was stunning, striking romance built on lust, trust, and
Well, it was what we had always thought would be us
Us if we were suitably inexcusably inseparable with no commitment
But now I would really kill for that kind of fulfillment
It was such a lack of that in my current shackle of a deal that tied you and I together
now it seems you never dreamed such lovely things as you claimed, rather
You sought to have me caught and bound to our lies
Worse still how you hoped to make them solely mine

How you plan to claim it was wholly I who not so holily turned infidel
But all is well because how my innocence will swell when I compel to heaven
Instead of pretty women out to really bring me ruin 
But before it ends I just beg of you one answer to my hellish cancer of a concern


Oh, dear, you inquire why?

Well I loved you, honey, truly you had me right on the money
You understood my mood when I took to brooding around
And there were never any formalities, only chases precut
Refreshingly impressing me with honesty opposed to flattery
I valued you sweetie completely all up until the end
When you began to question the resurrection of excitement in your life
You killed the uphill nature of our ordeal and all its zeal
By comparing me to her, pairing us as yours, her faring unbearably better
I’m only other while you’ve only always been only

Other gets so lonely but you’ll know soon enough my darling love
Sincerely I hope that clearly explains it before I nearly quit this
How warm it would be to rush to you for one last dishonest kiss


How livid I am with such vivid depiction of how misgiving a living lie this has been
  Again and again when I doubted us I gave in to your kissing lips and swaying hips
How entirely wrong I have been to choose such a clueless course of action
I will admit to my guilt rather than succumb to such built up sin after sin after immoral decision
Thank you doll for all the clarity on the matter of my broken sanctity
At least you will leave this with the same absence of integrity
You can even pretend you win in this bittersweet end

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