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Not a Monster because He created me

September 26, 2014
By alyssamarie101 PLATINUM, MI, Florida
alyssamarie101 PLATINUM, MI, Florida
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Love is the greatest thing anyone has to offer

I am here in my own world
Darkness surrounds that world
Evil is present
Where is the happiness
The love
Why can't anyone hear me
Is this a dream
No its reality
In its darkest way its like I'm trapped in a zombie's body
Hunting for human flesh
Is that what I really am?
A monster
One who destroys the planets
And makes everyone be like them
No I am one person
My own person
Perfect in every way because that is how God created me
I'm not a monster
People have their evil moments
God doesn't care
He forgives you
He loves you
And if you just pray he will be right by your side

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