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Time Will Tell

February 13, 2014
By DejaVu SILVER, Albuquerque, New Mexico
DejaVu SILVER, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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All is fair in love and war

in phrases before
lines i’ve once pressed into
my mind from
my mind,
“cold blooded doves” so often
shied from - They bothered me so,
i fled into my mind.
my mind became safety
safe from the bite of Winter.

in phrases came thereafter
i once said spring brings laughter
and love could blossom again, one would
seasons came and past and
Time showed Winter grew cold,
and colder, each year
perhaps towards what was once dreaded

many seasons now far gone,
warmth left a void.

in the depths of Winter
a beautiful Aurora came across my sk(ies)
a surging warmth and happiness upon the heart
cracked and melted ice.
Spring come early – Winter past but never

I had dreamt of one day spying an
but dreams be dreams and reality be reality
but never did I dream it would be
so sweet

One Falling Star fell upon me that day of the Aurora.
Phrases, albeit a short phrase, upon that Star

The Aurora blossomed, colors I’ve seen before only in my dreams.

Time showed Spring came to Summer,
where love has matured into a tree, the
seed of love come again, back from Winter’s cold bite,
grown into a strong tall oak.

Time will tell me, when Time sees fit,
if summer this year, lasts longer than lit, before
in seasons past.

My Aurora, my
Angel, my
Love –
You brought the end of Winter,
You made Spring sweeter, than I’ve ever dreamed
possible, impossibly.
my Summer has never been so full of Sunlight.
I only aim to keep you colorful, and not let those colors
fade, never let them fade.
I ask that you continue to shine for me,
make my days brighter and my nights darker, for
the valleys between mountains make the mountains taller.
You are my Everything, my World.
My Dreams.
I will be there when you fall
when you slip, when you fade.
I won’t let these things come to pass,
You will be kept safe, a treasure not many
have; any have, but I.
Be mine.

The author's comments:
I fell in love. Impossibly, hopelessly, in love.

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