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Avenging Tears

January 24, 2014
By Alabian GOLD, Limbo, Other
Alabian GOLD, Limbo, Other
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She’s hiding her pain with a familiar guise
Her passions left unseen
Forcing on smiles for the dubious eyes of those who insist she come clean

She’s gripping her sanity with white-knuckled fingers
And crying at the wheel
After years of insincere smiles and nods. She’s hidden the pain that she feels

She’s buried the hurt six feet deep in the ground
Whispered words of intense detestation
Cause she’s feeling the past weigh her down like a stone, sews the ends to find abandoned elation

She’d been curled on the floor for far too long
She’d been hiding her face with a mask
With a strength she forgot that existed in her, she was taking her life back at last

She’s left the grave with an unmarked stone
Lifts her eyes to the battle still fought
Her white-knuckled fingers round the sword at her side, she’ll avenge the tears that she’d lost

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