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April 18, 2012
By reman5 PLATINUM, Ganei Tikwa, Other
reman5 PLATINUM, Ganei Tikwa, Other
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I've seen you before,


In a photograph

Of a field,

With girls playing, boys


It was probably spring,

A long time ago,

In a time I don't seem to,

Remember, not anymore.

Then the picture fades,

And another takes it's place,

A darker one,

A more

Familiar one.

One with no girls and no


One with no field,

Just cold winter winds

Stroking your hair

Until it toughens like ice,

In the blizzard soon to come from the horizon.

From there it's all downhill,

When reality becomes the picture,

And the picture blasts out and sends

A shock-wave through your body,

You shiver, you're scared

From the new world you're stuck in,

You're trapped, closed, left for dead,

Everything goes blurry,

You can't seem to remember it already.

Now you wake up,

It was all just in your head,

Though it feels so real,

It feels so… sad.

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