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March 31, 2012
By Purplei96 PLATINUM, Oxford, Georgia
Purplei96 PLATINUM, Oxford, Georgia
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Nihil Sine Nefas

I’m sorry for never saying this
To your face, but
I want you to smile.

You probably hate me, and
Hate yourself for hating me
I’m sorry

But I couldn’t stand
Being the one that
Made you stop smiling, that
Stopped your chiming laughter

So I’m not going to say goodbye
Because goodbyes are sad.
You’ll receive the news through a letter
Waiting for you on the porch

You’ll open it, all
Excited, because you’ll think
It’s from me.

Inside is a piece of paper
All official looking, but your
Eyes skip past it, looking

For my words,
That aren’t there.
Inside, it will say,

“We regret to inform you
That your sister has been labeled
Missing in Action.”

I’m sorry for giving
You false hope that
Against all odds

I might be alive. Because
You’ll cling onto that like
A lifeline. Holding onto me

Forever. But it’s false
My corpse is lying in
The middle of a forest

Where no-one will ever
Find me. So
Bury the dead, and

Be happy. This is my
Final goodbye. I didn’t say it
Before, I couldn’t see you cry.

The author's comments:
One of my childhood friends has a sister in the military, and, for her, the only thing worse than knowing her sister is dead would be not knowing anything at all.

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