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December 20, 2011
By Wintergrl7 GOLD, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
Wintergrl7 GOLD, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
—William Arthur Ward
The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge.
—Daniel J. Boorstin

She’s a b****. Its common knowledge, just looking at her you would know.
She acts like she owns the world, or at least the school.
Head held high
Nose in the air
Sharp gaze questioning the sanity of her peers.
But shes beautiful, to.
Beautiful and deadly.
Girls whisper about her,
Boys joke.
Yet all eyes are longing.
She’s cold
Calm one minute,
Yet snaps the next.
People hate her
You would to.

And after another day submerged in insults and judgements
She goes home.
The house is nice enough,
Large and white
A basketball net in the driveway.
But it rests on yellow death.
She walks inside,
Drops her bag.
And suddenly the strong, brave girl unafraid of conflict
Is gone.
She shrinks
Tries to disappear into herself.
What awaits is not the perfectly groomed man
You see in town
With a tailored suit and briefcase.
The man is now surrounded by empty bottles
And filled with a white hot rage.
After tolerating the abuse for as long as she can
She hides in her room
And gazes into the broken window
With tears down her face.

And then the cycle begins again.
She dries her tears,
Straightens her blouse
And continues to another day of hatred for herself
Passed to Others.

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