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April 13, 2011
By fallinglikesnowx SILVER, Creston, Ohio
fallinglikesnowx SILVER, Creston, Ohio
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the universe is both poetic and tragic
combined solely of despair and stardust
beneath the skin of humanity
the eye of the man lacking in truth
sees that the ground is green and the sky is blue
but the w r i t e r sees beyond
the writer sees souls that dance and vertices of hope
the cosmos is both wonderful and frightening
intertwined by the ink of a pen
beneath metaphors and wide ruled notebook paper
the eye of the man lacking in assurance

sees that the cities burn and the people die
but the p o e t sees beyond
the poet sees a spirit’s rebirth and the existence of faith

the galaxy is both big and lonely
made up of black holes and white lies
beneath a star coated haze
the eye of the man lacking in passion

sees that music is played and art is painted
but the a r t i s t sees beyond
the artist sees magnetic b flats and a world of oil paint


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