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him and her

January 19, 2011
By jasso GOLD, Damascus, Other
jasso GOLD, Damascus, Other
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I love you
He said once
She looked at him with a blush
But days past fast
And rumors grow faster
About him playing dirty games
Then suddenly he saw him self
Trying to convince her
That only love stands between them

I love you
He said twice
She looked at him insecure
Then gave him a weak smile
Some how it made him feel so worm
Hope has filled his heart

He sat that night
Till breaking dawn
Thinking of what to say
Thinking of how to prove his love
His days past slow
He got restless
Living on coffee and beer

Winter came …. With it's ice and cold
His face turned then to a pale sick ghost
No poems worked with her
No songs
As a last t glow of hope
Last stand of his future dreams with her
He invited her home

She new that if she did no show
He might end it all

He was shirtless back then
He held her hand
Made her sit on his lap
His tiered eyes stared
At her astonished face
She was indeed the only thing
That kept him alive

I love you
Cant you see
But if love blinded you that another deal
I know that love has no passport
It just lives on believe

I love you still
He took out a knife
That was sharpened by him last night
She shivered at the scene
His voice begged her

He then gave her a knife
And spoke again

I love you to death
Tell me not to talk
Not to hum in pain
While one of us cuts my vain

She looked at him
As she cut his chest
Slowly…. Blood came out
He never cried of pain
Instead he smile for lovely pain

She couldn't continue
She would never finish the job
A 3inch scar was made
Tears flew down her cheek
Astonished still of what she have done
But her looks have changed somehow to in love
He spoke :

I hope that it would be enough to prove
Enough to kill those senseless rumors
I hope you now believe that I do love you

She looked at him
Then put her hand on his chin
then kissed him on the lip
Whispering in between he kiss
I love you too

The author's comments:
i got inspired by the most unusual thing the sun....it seemed a wonderful day and i wished that i would be living in a love story

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