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That Special

July 1, 2010
By if_i_fall16 SILVER, East Bridgewater, Massachusetts
if_i_fall16 SILVER, East Bridgewater, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"Never Let the Fear of Striking Out Keep You From Playing the Game" - Babe Ruth

You know that feeling you get 
in the pit of your stomach?
Just, that feeling.
The one where you feel like you're 
going to throw up?
But in a really good way.
That feeling like somebody 
punching you in the stomach.
Tickling you on the inside.
The way your heart pounds in your chest,
so hard you're shocked nobody
else can see it.
How you can't stop smiling
Over that tiny flutter.
How your day got so much better
because of it. You know?
And just think. All of this,
over one guy, one smile,
five steps by you, saying your name.
The rest doesn't even matter,
because he's there, even if
you only see him walking
by you in the hall,
sitting in lunch with his back to you 
his girlfriend by his side, 
or in class, his face to yours.
Whether you walk next to him
and he asks what he missed 
first period. Or
if he yells your name and 
you remember for just one
second that he remembers
who you are, that you exist.
That people besides him and
his girlfriend are walking down 
that hallway. 
You can't help who you like,
no matter how hard you try.

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