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Oh how i hope you remember.

February 4, 2010
By cheyenneduhon PLATINUM, Lumberton, Texas
cheyenneduhon PLATINUM, Lumberton, Texas
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Do you remember,
Of course,
That was immature.

Do you remember,
That wild hog that chased you?
That was one of the only times I have seen you cry,
I know I laughed.
Im sorry.

Do you remember,
How we would always go talk to Uncle Norman?
I know his death was hard on you,
I miss him too.

Do you remember,
The three-wheeler accident?
We just wanted to ride,
I wish we would have had our turn.

Do you remember,
All those campfires?
With the marshmallows?
I wonder how many we burnt.

Do you remember,
Seeing Grandma Lee before they buried her?
I was so proud you were brave enough.
I was five, so I was scared.
But now, I wish I could have said Goodbye.

Do you remember,
Her funeral?
All the tears,
I know they talked about us a lot.
I know I played with the tissues.

Do you remember,
When Savannah was a baby?
How she loved Elmo?
I still know the theme song by heart.

Do you remember,
All the times we tried to sneak in each other’s cars?
We wanted to be together so bad.
We would do anything.

Do you remember,
When we found that abandoned car?
You got that hat.
And we both got glass in our hands.

Do you remember,
All those army men?
Have any idea how many we burnt?
Or shot?

Do you remember,
That time we said we were going to play with the army men,
But instead went and talked to family members that I didn’t know.
You said you knew them.
I don’t know if you did.

Do you remember,
How much trouble in got in for that?
Everyone was crying.
And I think I remember police lights,
But I’m not sure.

Do you remember,
That Good Charlotte CD?
We listened to it so much,
I still know all the words.

Do you remember,
Those root beer floats?
The ones that made us laugh for hours?
I will never laugh that hard again, I don’t think it’s possible

Do you remember,
All the Ice cream we have had over the years?
All the nights at Grandpa’s
Then the Mondays and Tuesdays,
Because we didn’t want to wait till Sunday to eat ice cream.

Do you remember,
The time we went crabbing?
Lauren pulled up the Gator,
We laughed.

Do you remember,
All the times we played Murder in the Dark?
We never got tired of that game.
Lauren and Lissa did though.

Do you remember,
When we went on two wheels on the four-wheeler?
You told me not to tell,
I still haven’t.

Do you remember,
That time me, you, and Lauren went and visited that old campsite early one morning before everyone was awake?
The Go-Kart broke down,
So we had to push it up the blacktop.

Do you remember,
When you drank that juice?
And my stomach medicine was in it?
You spent that night in the bathroom.

Do you remember,
When I fell asleep and you put Cinnamon Toothpaste in my eye?
I started to cry,
So you put some in both eyes.
I don’t know if you wanted me happy,
Or not to tell on you.

Do you remember,
How everyone acted like I was a little boy?
Just because I was with you,

Do you remember,
Going to Palo Duro Canyon?
We rode with Grandma and Grandpa.
I remember I walked in while you were using the restroom,
Im still sorry about that.

Do you remember,
That girl next door?
You thought she liked you.
She is my Best Friend now.
Her name is Kalie.

Do you remember,
All those pillow fights?
Yeah those were the days.
I wish we could have a fight now.

Do you remember,
All our pointless conversations?
I didn’t think they were stupid,
But I didn’t appreciate them,
I wish I hadn’t taken them for granted.

Do you remember,
How I was in band?
I still am.
I joined because you were in it.
You played Trombone.

Do you remember,
How I played sports?
I quit.
They weren’t for me.

Do you remember,
When you hit your foot with a softball?
That was so funny,
You actually thought it would be soft.

Do you remember,
When we watched those Charmed episodes?
You made me watch the one with the Windigo.
I saw so scared,
But you were there,
So I knew I was okay.

Do you remember,
Being my friend?
Were you ever?
I love you like a Brother
The Brother I always wanted.

Do you remember,
All these memories?
I remember.
And there are more.
I just want you to remember too.

The author's comments:
Written to my Brother.

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