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February 18, 2010
By coza123 BRONZE, Bolton, Other
coza123 BRONZE, Bolton, Other
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So what if i don't want to straighten my hair
Or get a 'quinge'
Or wear jeggins and be orange
Or walk around listening to a load of noise
Or be obsessed with some random boys

Whats going to happen if I'm not like you
And i don't do what you do
1 Less Justin Bieber fan
There should be a global ban !

Non uniform day what you gonna wear?
A dress and some heels, yeah i don't care
I know to be honest I'm wearing my flares
that shred of acceptance, cringe as it tears.

Yeah I'm different there's nothing i can do
Maybe I'm not cool or popular like you.
But in the end, you're going to loose
Because I've got my flame shoes.

Sure vim 'a gay' and a 'spaz' too
but after all so are you
at least I'm 100% me and Imo as happy as i can be

'Ew we cant go to the cinema you don't look 15'
Hey I'm 5ft 1 don't be mean
Everyone knows small people rule
especially me because im too cool.

Omg come to boys div, you've got to
No thanks I'm in the library with Mrs fru
Ha ! what a waste of time
So? its better than waiting for a boy who won't show

You know what i finally get it,
I don't like you, and you don't like me
Thats the god wanted it

I know when you see me, way deep down a tiny bit
Something inside you thinks 'she's clearly fit'
And even if not popularity's a load of
and i don't care a tiny bit

The author's comments:
This is about, as you can probably guess, people who are afraid to be individual.

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