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The Lemon Rind

November 11, 2021
By WillC2021 ELITE, Winfield, West Virginia
WillC2021 ELITE, Winfield, West Virginia
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golden fruit bowls
raised their arms-
supporting the weights
of the ripened lemons

cut rinds
drooped their tears-
like ripples across a pond-
mixing with sweaty palms

pungent fumes
made for a grasp-
latching onto one's consciousness
as key in the lock

with decisive bites,
tangy acids
ran the gauntlet
of my throat

gazing off to
the verdant distance,
hills and valleys greeted my eyes-
towering with majestic  ancientness

the ridges
of the lemon rinds
lay discarded in undeserved ignominy-
seesawing away with the wind

waves of summer heat
happily licked at my face,
windblown curtains
shuttered my eyes

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