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April 29, 2021
By System_Error_26 PLATINUM, Edmond, Oklahoma
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The air was crisp and cold,

You could say the sun was turning the pavement to gold,

Sweatered bodies surrounded the area,

We were all part of a new era.

We had all been here a million times,

But nobody knew what was on our minds. 

The walls stretched high, 

I wondered what this prison looked like at night. 

Other kids had swings, or tether ball.

We had pavement and the wall. 

“You need to grow up!” is what they said,

But we all knew it was to keep us feeling dead. 

 Our world was grey and white,

Like sand on a moonlit summer night.

“You’re not allowed to run!”,

Teachers always ruined our fun. 

“I’m tired of it all!

I might bash my brains against the wall!”,

Suddenly a girl with pretty rosen cheeks smiles at me,

“You’re a lot stronger than me at least!”,

I look at her surprised and wondered what she could possibly mean.

“Just look at the mirror and see!”

Tears filled her eyes as she spoke, “I wouldn’t have lasted this long!”

“So yes, you are strong!”

This girl that seemed perfect, truly knew pain.

Always bullied and called lame.

The popular girl and an emo. 

Nobody could’ve thought nor knew,

They related to each other more than you and your lover do.

Friends forever,

That’s what I thought till I found her last letter. 

A girl said goodbye to her pain. 

Her name was Paige.

The author's comments:

This is a story about a girl I knew named Paige. We'd known each other since we were young kids... 

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