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April 27, 2021
By unichama GOLD, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
unichama GOLD, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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Thoughts are boxes; people are spheres. One may view a box from at most six angles, while spheres are constrained only by infinity—yet, those living within humanity's limits prefer to put spheres in boxes rather than to recognize their individuality. If a psychic epidemic were to once again, we can ascertain that humanity will look the other way in favor of mundane things rather than that and those surrounding us. The biggest dream is that which is not realized.

A bottle of things I can’t wait to see;

A bottle, full of my mere fantasies.

Playing marbles outside with you,

Feeling my pain; seeing it through—

Seeing the sunset; watching it through,

Full of hopes and dreams, for and with you,

We watched blooming fireworks within the sky;

I fell in love, but with who, and then why?

The sunset sky I hated to see;

The sky; full of dreadful fantasies.

A bottle in hand, I laugh and then stand;

I'm reluctant to crush it—

The definition of “lovesick.”

So they won’t laugh, 

I hold my breath,

I’m drowning within

Useless regrets—

I’m sitting with you,

Now one; back then: two—

The flaming petals burst and sway,

Full of things I couldn’t say that day.

I’m crying, but smiling;

I’m laughing, but dying—

The fireworks burst, now afraid to die;

My drink overflows, trapping me inside—

Don’t you reach out

Or make a sound—

I press your lips to mine, afraid to die;

You cling to me, also trapped inside—

This Ramune overflows within hopeful guise—


I can’t touch the marble,

But I’m still alive.

The author's comments:

Ramune is a type of Japanese soda. The bottle is usually made of glass, with an indentation at the neck, and, when you open it, a marble will fall into the seal to increase shelf life and preserve carbonation. 


Some things are best left as-is, no matter how frustrating they may seem.

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