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Kaleidoscopes of rose colored tears

March 8, 2011
By Bobbi PLATINUM, Terry, Mississippi
Bobbi PLATINUM, Terry, Mississippi
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Kaleidoscopes of drops of rain,

tap gently on my window,

to the beat of my hearts pain,

as it tries to escape from deep below.

Deep inside where it is hidden secretly,

trying eagerly to break free and start a war.

A war on love to show perfectly,

how my hearts true desire is to explore.

Explore the land of my inevitable feelings for him,

only to be replaced with the burning pain of rejection,

Like a cherry snatched aggressively from its stem,

because i cannot measure up to his perfection.

Though the river tries to flood,

all the way down my porcelain cheeks,

with the pain of eyes to match a roses tender bud,

unwillingly my heart flutters while he speaks.

Fluttering like the wings on butterflies,

as they take flight for the first time,

but at last his feelings are just a disguise,

to make me wish that he was mine.

Now the ship of heart break has reached its shore,

the ores ungracefully lost at sea,

to show me the hour glass has run out for sure,

and the thought of him and I will never be.

The author's comments:
A poem for the broken hearted

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