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A Startling Truth

June 1, 2009
By soccerpsycho49 PLATINUM, Teaneck, New Jersey
soccerpsycho49 PLATINUM, Teaneck, New Jersey
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As my childhood passes
As my innocence shies
As my naive attitude fades
I can see through your lies

You said a tooth fairy took left that dollar,
Well guess what? I stayed up all night to spy.
You made her up; it was you.
You guys told yet another lie.

You said that Santa Claus left all those presents
Under the Christmas Tree.
I cannot believe that you tried
To hide the real truth from me.

You told me that if I ate a seed,
A watermelon tree would grow.
Well, you know what I found out?
Watermelons grow in bushes, you know.

You told me out of all the little girls,
I was the best, you said it was true.
But last week I heard Mrs. Smith
Say the exact same to Mary Lou.

You told me I could do whatever
I want and I wouldn’t fail.
I tried to reach for the stars,
But to no avail.

You told me a couple of lies,
A bunch of stories and a half truth.
And I believed you in my
Innocent, naïve, unperceptive youth.

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Milo! said...
on Apr. 9 2010 at 8:03 pm
What a great piece. It’s so understandable. You made it really easy to see where you’re coming from. I hope you keep writing, because this is really good. You should check out some of my stuff. I think you would like it.