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Disguised Hatred

October 13, 2008
By e.nadeem PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
e.nadeem PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
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Disguised as a smile
Forced enthusiasm
Overflowing with thoughts vile
Word dripping with obscured sarcasm

Steely glares
Camouflaged as beams
Hidden disgust stares
Unheard angry screams

Gifts concealing the strife
Bestowed with hugs
Easiest moment to end a life
Or zap them with plugs

Handshakes so pretentious
Trying to ignore the impulse
To viciously crush
It; leaving it devoid of a pulse

Finally; saying a sad goodbye
'See you later'
Do they expect you to CRY?
You force down laughter.

And they’re leaving
Getting the peace you’ve been craving
A sentiment you feel earnestly

You slam the door
Behind them
Disguising it once more
As an innocent blunder.
Yet another masked disguise
That ‘they’ never realize.
Well - to you?
They were never so wise
In the first place

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