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The Riverside

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

The Riverside
The river of blue is flowing,
And I can't stop it from going,
The current is to strong,
I tried to build a dam but i am doing it all wrong,
The ripples don't carry away the waisted,
The river is my favorite place,
I tryed to get in but,I can't swim.
The water is above my head and the river dosen't want me dead.
It needs me to flow in to the sea,
To suffocate it's misery,
To flow into where it belongs,
To tell me it's journey has been too long,
It saw tempting things along the way but, they were never what you thought,
They couldn't dry you up they only made you rote,
So here i stand by your riverside,
In your missery you hide,
Could i really stop the direction you are flowing?
Show you there's a diffrent way of going.
That there is love by your riverside and in your forest it dosen't want to hide.
You are my favorite place,
So dont place me in your wast,
I want to make you pure,
To be your favorite cure,
There's no love in the bottom of a bottle,
Just your salty tears.
You have what you don't understand or fear,
But i'm here by your riverside,
I WILL be that damn.

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