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May 7, 2008
By Anonymous


Your hero is not my hero,
as mine is probably not yours.

Celebrities, gossip, and fashion,
could never amount to the passion,
of my hero.

Solemn, proudly audacious, not fake,
so much risk and so much at stake.

An ounce of selfishness remains not in their veins,
Always needed, like a desert needs the rain.

My hero is the unsuspecting friend walking by,
never knowing the gratitude of simply saying 'hi'.

Not through fame and fortune are they known,
but discover you, when you are alone.

My hero can be yours and yours can be mine,
but between reality and a dream is a very fine line.

A hero remains heroic all their life,
from being a child to a husband or wife.

A hero can be any stranger passing by,
You could be that person, who will care until you die.

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