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Unitl We Meet Again

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Until we meet again
I’ll sit here
And wait
I’ll wonder
About you
And me

I know that
I love you
But then
I get mad
Cause your never there

I know that
Our love was never simple
And that these shooting
Stars that I wish upon
Are helpless
Are hopeless

You always make me smile
Make everything seem right
But right now
As these raindrops
Fall upon my windowsill
I wonder when you’re
Goanna come back
When will I hug you?
See your smile
And feel your lips
On my cheek
I miss you
And all I can do is dream
And ponder.

I feel lonely
I know that
I need you

But then I doubt
Because I know
That we wont last forever

Lasting forever
Seems to be fantasy…
Soon I’ll see you
And you’ll ask
Who I was
And what we had
You’ll question
Everything we had
Everything I cherished

I know that
We could work this through
But then
I realize
That I probably
Don’t mean anything any more in your eyes

I’ll be put back
In the dumpster
Of reject
And you’ll move on

But I wont get up
And move on
I’ll sit there with
The other passionate
Meals and reflect on us
What happened?
And how it could
Will be

So many question
Left to be answered
So many things to learn
But all I care about
All I want
Is to know that WHAT will happen
Until we meet again.

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