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out of my reach

May 9, 2008
By Anonymous

I'm shocked at your words,
as they come out like rain pouring into me...
I shout out your name,
but your footsteps take you farther....
out of my reach...

I haven't yet to have you how I want you.
I want to be able to cry in your arms,
I want to be able to give you that trust that I hide from everyone.
Can I?

I step onto the fallen leaves,
dreams crushed,
I breathe
and I wonder how we got here,
how we became something so perfect,
so known,
yet unknown,
I am on the horizon,
in a sea of confusion,
a future unknown...
do I have a future?
are you there?
I want you there,
like an enbrace, never letting go.

I look at you like I long for you,
Your features are imperfect,
but incredible,
a masterpeice to my eyes,
to my soul,
to my all....

I listen to your words,
listen to your tone,
wonder if it's all worth,
if you feel the same,
if all I am doing is allowing you to hurt me like the others
all the others...I've disappeared,
a question on the tip of your tongue,
I'm broken,
Take me as I am,
as I come,
as I will be.

You are my flawless perfection,
but am I yours?

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