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Make It Your Own

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Excuses are for the weak who found what they've always wanted, but are to scared to hold on to it and never let go.
"I love you" is so overrated and over used that now we say it to whom ever is around, not thinkin about the true feelings in our hearts, just the lust and wants and desires.
Holding on to the past and never looking forward are for the lost who had what they always wanted, lost it, and long for it once again.
I’ve done all of this and even more.....but I’ve learned....I’ve learned that its ok to say goodbye to old friends and hello to the new.
That the grass is green everywhere you go, you just have to take care of it when you get there so it will be brighter, healthier and greener for the next person to have something to hope for.
That no matter how close to someone you get, they can surprise you so fast and break your heart, but it's all ok because there is ALWAYS someone out there better, who will find you one day....and when that day comes, don’t push him away because your scared he'll turn in to your ex or lie and be a jerk, just try...try to trust him.
Let him into your world and be your best friend.
Show him the side of you that’s true, not what you think he wants to see.
I learned that no matter how much you think you still like the guy, sneaking off and wreaking your car is NOT the best thing to do just because.
Fishin is fun and all, but DON’T forget the bug spray, make sure there is NOT a hole in the bottom of the canoe and remember the bait.
Just because he's rides bulls, is tall and dark and all that great stuff doesn’t mean he's got the heart inside he's leading you on to believe he's got.
He might be able to write a melody that'll get you weak in your knees, but if he can’t follow through to those words on that notebook paper, what’s it worth to ya?!
Yeah, goin new places, trying new things, and meeting new people are hard to do, but life sure ain’t easy.
Its a long, narrow, bumpy road that has so many detours, some that I regret taking, but that’s besides the point.....when something good comes out of a horrible situation, don’t turn your back and run because your scared, stick around and watch what happens.
After all, Cinderella did find her glass slipper didn’t she and Pinocchio became a real boy and I’m not 10 feet under for all the crap I’ve pulled in the last 6 months.
Life is a fairytale, you just have to make it your own!

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