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I Never Know Best

May 8, 2008
By Anonymous

I Never Know Best

But now I’m alone with my other self.
Oh no she wants to come out she wants revenge on him.
She wants to hurt him.
She wants to hurt me for letting him do that to me.
Why does it feel like I’m losing myself more and more each day?
I don’t understand.
I can feel her growing stronger inside me each passing day.
Soon there will be nothing left.
She will have taken full control of me.
I don’t understand why?
Can somebody tell me why?
Please tell me why.
Oh tell me why?
Why is this song playing over and over in my head?
I can’t hear the words; all I hear is this fading beat that’s driving me insane.
Help, help, help… why is the phrase “Miss Murder can I stay” in my head?
Why does that phrase play over and over in my head?
Can someone please tell me why?

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