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The Sea

May 8, 2008
By laleonlit SILVER, Princeton, New Jersey
laleonlit SILVER, Princeton, New Jersey
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The Sea

Just the white-tipped waves washing over my head.
I swim.
The sun filters down through the water
Illuminating the salty treasures
Lightly touching the purple sea-urchins with her golden hand.
Glinting on my silver bracelet.
I swim on.
The sea stirs
Neptune jealously guards his hoard of treasures,
Sending strong currents to deter me
Still I swim on.
The power of the sea increases
I kick furiously
Every breath brings me closer, closer, until-
There- I have it.
I reach out.j
My hand brushes a sandy sea shell
Wraps around it gently
And brings it to the surface
I let myself be carried back
I open my hand, and look at my sea-urchin shell
Its pearlescent hues glow beneath the setting sun
I float, and close my eyes

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