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Wake Up Time to Get Into Gear and Help

January 27, 2011
By tekno1990 SILVER, Bronx, New York
tekno1990 SILVER, Bronx, New York
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Most people can barley remember everything about their life’s. Life doesn’t give a dam what we think, what we want, or how we feel. Life begins, it exist and it dies. It’s a cycle that everyone contributes to. Whether they choose to or not or know it or not. Most people reach the end of the cycle to quickly because civilization and mankind has beaten them down and has ridiculed them and there hopes and dreams forcing them to face reality at a time of there life when they aren’t strong enough to handle it. And when they realize they have no control of their lives, they lash out at others, they cut themselves off from the world, some go insane and lose hope for the future and decided that they only control they have is when they are able to die. Having no control over your life is like living without a purpose and living without a purpose ………………………….. Is the same as being dead. I wonder if God excepts those people who kill themselves because they have no control and lose hope that their lives will get any better. I’m not sure where I heard it but I’ve heard that our birth our very existence is a gift from God and when we take our own lives it means we’re insulting God and refusing Gods gift and those who refuse Gods gift, refuses him and is not welcome into heaven. But does he except those who take their lives because the life on earth from which they are born from doesn’t give them any sign of hope that their lives and the lives of the world will be better. And that the only hope they have is that heaven will be better than the world they are born into. Many People hope that the world will survive and the endless battle of good and evil of the world will finally end without anymore lives being vanquished for something they don’t understand let alone have any a part of. People want to talk about things like health care and want to have more money to support their families or to cut cost on things that are niceties but that’s the problem to much talking and planning for things that will be tossed aside because it cost to much or because they don’t want to let down their guards and have people depend on them. there are plenty of people willing to help but don’t have the means to. And those suits in the government promise things that talk months to begin a positive effect on the world, while innocent people die for things like drugs, respect, money, or just walking down the wrong street, gangs having fights over territory that does not belong to them but belongs to those who do everything they can to make it better, not spilling blood like some epic battle and claiming it. I bet many people thought that the world would be better if everyone didn’t lie and kept their promises. It’s not about that. It’s about doing what’s right and not having people or the government stop you cause you don’t have something that you didn’t pay for, like permits, credit cards, life insurance, rent, mortgage, or some fancy suit. A suit will not solve problems, a suit can’t push you out of the way of a moving car, a suit can’t help you feed your kids, a suit can’t comfort you when your very soul is in a dark place and give you hope that everything will be better, only people can. Those who say they want to help, those who have the means to help but don’t, and even those in the government who spend a year on how and when to help instead of getting up and actually helping. Either get on board and help or get out of the way cause if your not going to help then that’s fine that’s your choice but we’re human beings and we’re gonna take care of our own.

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