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October 26, 2009
By BRONZE, Albuquerque, New Mexico BRONZE, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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"Let it all burn, I will burn first, God of time, am I lost in your eyes? Just let me burn, It's what I deserve, God of mine, am I lost in your eyes?" Paradise Lost Hollywood Undead.

As a child we imagine streets paved in gold, elegant arches, and angels with wings. When we learn of the real world and we experience life, our perspective changes. Death is when your heart and sould have lost passion. When that one thing in the world sieze to exist. Death is the sweet escape from the evil and rage that burns inside you, so powerful it nearly burns you alive. Death is a way to cope when all hope is lost, and when all you see is gray.

The author's comments:
My work is spradic, like my personality, but it usually stays constant in being sad or depressing.

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