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To Our Own Destruction

June 5, 2012
By windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
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let it burn, suffering teaches the soul; let it grow, love nourishes the heart.

I could tell you my thoughts, my feelings, my entire life story, but no matter how hard I try I can't tell you in a way that will give you a true understanding; even though you try, and try your hardest, you can only ever glean the shadow of what I know, how I feel. What is there to live for in hell, who is your friend, your enemy, does it even matter, because in hell no distinction is made between the two, there's no such thing as a friend or an enemy, just people, monsters who care about only themselves, and don't even realize it. One of the characteristics of being human is awareness of ones self and others, and we are called humanity, but we don't deserve that title anymore, because we've fallen from our grace, lost our path and began a descent to our own destruction. We no longer care about each other, our own lives matter more than any other, and if you're suffering, It's your problem, I have other things to do.

People don't even know who they are anymore, there lives are ruled by others, we aren't even aware of what we do, of who we have become, yet we expect to be given the best from everyone, which is only the best you want. We are less than barbarians, we have become animals, only aware of basic desired, to eat, to sleep, to talk, to fornicate, and to rise to the top of the chain, doing whatever we must to get there, and never truly caring about how we do it, so long as we are on the top, and will fight with a vigor to keep it. Yes, you have people that you love, but once they're gone form your life, how long will you be able to remember that love, how much wil it hurt after six months, how ling until you replace that person with another, who you love just as much. We say we love people, but I know otherwise, because if you truly loved another, you couldn't live without them when they're gone, who you are as a person would die, to be replaced with a stranger, someone that differs from who you where.

Because I know this, I no longer belong to what we have become, I am not a part of humanity, because to be a part of humanity is to be ignorant of others, but I have become more, something that is aware, and does care about many others. I can honestly say no man is my enemy, because I have risen above men, but I can tell you that men may be my friend, because I choose to walk with men, and in doing so, I can instill what I have become in them, but my help is entirely dependent upon the want to becoming something more, which man isn't well aware of how to do.

As you read this, I want you to know that you are my friend, that I can see a potential in you that I rarely see in others, that you have already begun the quest to rise abouve, but don't seem to know how to complete that quest. For each of us, our quest is different, mine was long and arduous, but it was done, and now I fight things that are beyond the comprehension of most, for you, you are still on that quest, and in the process of that quest, you will come to know many things, learn to see between the lines, but for now, I will teach from the mistakes I made, so that when your quest is done, you can truly live.

The author's comments:
Do not take this as if I am saying I am a god, I am not saying that, I am saying simply, in a very complex manner, that my comprehension runs deeper than anyone I've ever met. This piece is not about what it appears, you have to be able to see between the lines to understand what I am saying.

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