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January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

If you were a witness of a murder, would you have enough courage to call the police? The residents of Key Gardens did not. While a 28 year old woman was being stab, the residents of Key Garden sat in their homes watching this woman die from their window. Catherine Genovese was walking from her car to her domicile 100 feet away. She noticed a man at the end of the lot so she obviated a plan to avoid this man. The man came at her and grabbed her. She was stabbed.
“Oh, my God, he stabbed me! Please help me! Please help me!” screamed Catherine.
“Let that girl alone!” shouted a man from an apartment window. The attacking man in a lax manor shrugged his shoulders and walked away. The attacker came back at sporadic times in the night to finish the job.
All of these people who were watching this lurid attacking, thought it was to rash to call the police. Most of the people had quip remarks for the police officers as to why they didn’t want to act on the attacking. All of these people had a chance to be a hero and save this 28 year olds life, because she did not die at the first attack or the second but third attack. They had two different chances to help her when the attacker left, and once the police were called (after Catherine was dead) they arrived at the apartments in two minutes.
We have a conjecture that everyone would do the right thing if witnessing a crime. You notify the police immediately. You don’t just watch someone get murdered. These people did not watch this attacking with meticulous detail because they did not realize she was being murdered. They allowed time to elapse away before taking action, which caused Catherine Genovese to die.

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