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Will Anti-Antisemitism Ever Go?

October 26, 2018
By Bryson-Jeppesen BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
Bryson-Jeppesen BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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A woman walks out of her home, only to find her decorative menorah in her yard bent into a swastika. She called the police, and remembered “breaking into tears as she waited for them to arrive, hoping her children would not awake to see it.” This is only one example of the hate many people feel for jews.

Anti-Semitism: many people may not have heard of it in this way. Anti-Semitism is “Feeling or showing hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a cultural, racial, or ethnic group (Merriam Webster Dictionary).” So while many people are very against racism, they often are anti-Semitic, which follows the same principle as racism, sexism, and overall discrimination. So why do we still have anti-Semitism in our world? Because we cannot eradicate anti-Semitism.


Everyone has their own preferences. Some people like fruit, some don’t. Some people like to draw, some to play sports. We have our differences, and I bet that you don’t think it is right to tease anyone because they like something. Unfortunately, not all people think this way. Some people believe that people should be judged on their preferences. This includes which religion you prefer to practice, or none at all. This is how Adolf Hitler thought. He judged people on their religious beliefs, more specifically, the Jews. Unfortunately, after Hitler had his view on something, he would try to persuade everyone else that his view was correct. Researchers from Psychology Today did an experiment to see why people like to ‘go with the flow.’ According to Psychology Today, “Group consensus seems to induce a change of attitudes in which subjects are likely to adopt more extreme positions." This means that when many people agree on one opinion, the other opinions begin to agree with the more popular one. As Hitler's opinion about jews grew, more people began to go with the crowd, and agree with the more “extreme position.” We cannot eradicate anti-Semitism because if one person is anti-semitic, it will spread to others continually.


Racism is wrong, correct? We emphasize that in a lot of places. School, news, social media…. Then why is racism a real problem in our world today? This is because many people say that one thing is wrong, but they still believe or do that thing anyway. This is called hypocrisy. We cannot eradicate anti-Semitism because their will always be hypocritical people in the world. According to livescience, almost everyone is a moral hypocrite. Moral hypocrisy is when someone believes in certain morals, then goes against them anyway. I’m sure everyone in this room believes it is wrong to tease, pick on, or be mean to someone, but I am sure that we all have done it to someone in the last week. A researcher on livescience states “when we are given time to think about it, we construct arguments about why what we did wasn’t that bad. (Piercarlo Valdesolo)" We will give ourselves excuses to why it is ok to do it in this circumstance. This makes us all hypocrites, and so we cannot eradicate anti-Semitism if everyone is a believes it is wrong, but not everyone actually acts that way.


Neo-Nazis are people who practice the same beliefs as Nazis after WWII. These people often are called “white supremacists,” or people who believe white is the dominant race. The numbers of this party are rapidly growing, not decreasing. “The ranks of Jew nationalist hate groups -- groups that have always been a reaction to white racism -- expanded to 233 chapters in 2017, from 193 the previous year," Sara Sidner of CNN stated. Now I know that you would say we can just Wait for those people to change their minds or even die, but that is where you are wrong. Im sure that your parents believe in some things and do not believe in other things, and they may have passed those beliefs on to you. Can you think of at least two important things that you disagree with your parents view on? The same thing occurs when these Neo Nazis have children, and they pass on their beliefs down to them. We cannot stop parents from teaching children, so we cannot stop anti-Semitism.


Anti-Semitism was a real problem. Anti-Semitism is a real problem.  And many people say all problems have a solution. Unfortunately, the solution to this problem is not eradicating it. People will except anti-Semitism if a lot of people have, making it bigger. People will always be hypocritical about things, consequently creating more anti-Semitic people.  So no, we cannot eradicate anti-Semitism. But, we can try to limit the effect it has on our society and people.

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on Jan. 13 2020 at 3:44 pm
SolInvictus76, Leavenworth, Indiana
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Though I agree that all hate is bad, except for that of sin, I do have to point out that this article is very flawed, at best. It can, and should be said that people should be judged on their beliefs. These are called Micro and macro-values. But we should never engage in hateful rhetoric and never violently act upon these beliefs. Second, hate in this country is rapidly deteriorating, at least in the mainstream. we are the least hateful and most multi-ethnic country in the world. Third, most anti-semitism or anti-Zionism comes from those on the left of this country (not that Neo-Nazis are considered Right wing, because they are not). Specifically, most anti-Semitism comes from two groups of people: those of the African American community, and Muslims in this country. Finally, the people who are most accused of anti-Semitism are ironically those that support Israel and her people the most. These are the conservatives of America that, rather than abandoning our only real ally in the Middle-East(and the only country in the Middle East that recognizes basic human rights) stand with her the entire way.