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Idyllic America

March 13, 2009
By TheFitfulFire BRONZE, Houma, Louisiana
TheFitfulFire BRONZE, Houma, Louisiana
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America, as an ideal, is a place where anyone has the right to speak freely of their ideas and opinions, and may do so without fear of being silenced or persecuted. Unfortunately, however, times have so inexplicably changed that no longer can in individual or group speak aloud their opinion and sensibly debate with those who se ideals are in opposition. Americans have become prone to knee-jerk reactionism, jumping to conclusions, attacks, and assumptions before even considering debate. Our minds automatically call on such issues as race relations and politics before considering the entire situation from all angles, rather than single perspective. We as a people have forgotten the basic principles of a liberty we were once proud to call our own, namely, the right to speak freely and peaceably without reprisal.

Take for example the recent words of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh., who publicly and proudly declared his hope that our current President, Mr. Barack Obama, would fail in his role. Many have called out against Mr. Limbaugh's words, saying that his was a right-wing conspiracy against not only the President, but against our country herself. Others claim Mr. Limbaugh's motives are a personal attack based in politic or race or some combination of the two. My friends, I assure that this is not the case, as Mr. Limbaugh himself stated at CPAC recently. He does not wish any personal failure on President Obama, nor does he wish the country to fail. Rather, he wishes the President political failure concerning his plans and policies as the President

Many, I assure, hear that statement and say, Wait, iss not that the same sentiment as political failure? I say now, no, it is not. It is no more personal than a fan of a particular team wishing their opponent ill in the game. As Mr. Limbaugh pointed out concerning the Superbowl, he wanted Kurt Warner to be slammed into the ground, his passes intercepted, his plays botched. But this was not due to ill-will aimed at Warner, it was due to the fact that Mr. Limbaugh was rooting for the Steelers. Most assuredly there were Cardinals fans who wished ill to Roethlisberger in the game, but acknowledged his prowess as an athlete and all-around good guy.

Mr. Limbaugh's critics, however, are reluctant if at all conscious of their failure to give him credit for his opinion. These men and women seem to forget that for eight years they wished political failure to former President Bush, some even wishing him personal failure. They assumed the position of Inquisitor General against Mr. Bush, who, at times was more aligned with Liberals than his own party. At every turn he was ridiculed, sometimes deservedly so, but often not. They refused to acknowledge his successes, and they glorified in his mistakes. He was stoned with accusatory statement and personal jab by his own people, chiefly by the true 'ruling body' of this country, The Media. These men and women of the Media pushed their agenda against Mr. Bush, some so much so as to demolish the rule and purpose of Journalism itself and publish many non-editorial pieces that were not merely flecked with opinion but composed wholly of it; some even found it necessary to lie or spread rumour and secret to accomplish their goal.

They would go against the very foundation of their livelihood and country to put down a hated man or put up a so-called Savior, demolishing not only their reliability but their respectability. They have purveyed opinion as fact to turn the favour of the masses, and, even worse, are remorseless for it.

As the current politics call for I hearken to the days of FDR, when Journalsim was as it is outlined and did not hold spite within its heart. I call for my generation to reach back to a time when respect and free speech meant something to everyone, even the Media, as limited as it was. In those days a man's illness or weakness was not exploited as a political tool for the Media's means. One who was President was respected for his office and human dignity, and was granted Loyalty because he was their leader, and it mattered not if his politics were the people's own. They granted the man respect, not ridicule.

In Mr. Limbaugh's case today, he himself has said that President Obama is a great politician and orator. I tell you personally, my fiends that I am sure he is a great man. He has my respect as my senior and as a human, not to mention as my President. But until he holds true to his word and he acts in favour of his people and not his politics, he fails to hold my political respect, and because of that, I, like Mr. Limbaugh, hope he fails.

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