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Influence of Television

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

An article was published on how the amount of television watched affects family life and children. It states with comprehensive research that the average American has seen 200,000 acts of violence on T.V. and that this is a “public heath problem,” mentally and physically. It’s not that big of a “problem.” Parents are responsible for the consequences of allowing their children to watch violence on T.V., the amount they watch, and for the weight issue it can cause.

Exposure to T.V. violence is not a difficult problem to solve. Kids are inundated with poignant, explicit content from television. If parents don’t want their children to watch violence on T.V., they should block the channels they find inappropriate. Parents have ultimate control over what their children watch, so it’s their fault if they discover that their son(s) and/or daughter(s) are being influenced by television.

Obesity caused by watching too much T.V. is also not a head scratcher. Researchers corroborated the amount of television watched has an effect on 4.7 million children between ages 6-17 who are severely overweight. Parents who know their child is obese need to be zealous and take responsibility for their child’s health. If their child is gaining more weight because they are phlegmatically glued to the T.V., they need to get them involved in a sport or other activity. Another option is to stop feeding them junk food. Inactivity plus tons of junk food equals fruitless, obese children (in most cases). This is not a hard equation to figure out.

This article has garbled facts. It’s the parents who control their kids’ mental and physical health when it comes to watching television. That’s the bottom line. We can be more sanguine about this issue if parents would just take action.

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