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January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

A new EstÄ“e Lauder perfume, Sensuous, is targeted towards middle class white women ages 17-40. They use a young, beautiful woman as a marketing tool. She is only wearing a white dress shirt opened in front and high rise panties. She isn’t wearing jewelry or anything else that would separate her from the middle class. This helps make the product seem available to everyone.

The woman has the sides of her breasts showing, and has her legs slightly crossed; her hair is pushed back and a little wild looking. Her lips are slightly parted and her left eyebrow is slightly raised, giving the impression that the women has just asked a question or is implying something sexual to the reader.

The people who produced this ad are trying to show their perfume will make
you sexy. But, they are careful not to make it too promiscuous; not only are they trying to market
their product to the more risqué consumers, but also the more withheld ones such as older
women and mothers. Making the perfume appear too promiscuous might scare away the
latter group. They make their product seem within reach of everyone by not over
glamorizing the product, using only the beautiful woman and lack of clothes to giving the feeling
they think beauty in only skin deep.

The one tool of persuasion present is beautiful people. The only thing that may be considered good about the ad is the slogan, “Every woman wears it her way.” EstÄ“e Lauder wants you to think their perfume will make you an individual, which is a good trait to strive for. Besides that, they try to appeal to the audience by making the perfume appear sexy. Even though the ad takes up two pages, there is no price shown; instead, there is only a website where you can buy it. It’s obvious that the ad is supposed to sell the product before it’s bought.

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