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Exercise amongst teenagers

September 29, 2007
By Anonymous

A while back we didn’t have cars or other ways of transportation so we walked. That kept us mostly thin. Today America is getting fatter and fatter by the day. All the fast-food places in the world don’t help either. Now they have the drive through which doesn’t help at all. America is already lazy as it is so the drive through is just another way to say “Now you can drive through and eat while you drive! Oh and not to mention you could also get in a crash while doing it. But who really cares this deep fried food is ok for you and cheap!” Eating while in the car is putting you and anyone else in the car in serious danger.

Americans today don’t get much exercise. Sometimes though it’s not always the child’s fault. Sometimes school’s don’t have sports for you to do. Now some school’s like in California are canceling their physical education program. Which is just another reason for teenagers across the states to get fatter. Other times it’s the parents fault. At an early age if you give your child a lot of unhealthy food they will get in an unhealthy habit of over eating the wrong thing. By the time you want to change their eating habit it will be to late and your child will be overweight and unhealthy. As you can see America isn’t helping you child when it comes to being over weight. We cant do much but what we can do is encourage our kids to exercise and eat healthy.

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